How to Make Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino | Copycat Recipe

green tea frappuccino

are one of my favorite drinks to order

at Starbucks but it can get really

expensive if you want to treat yourself

every day so today I'm partnering with

epic matcha to show you guys how to make

a delicious green tea frappuccino at

home think of it as a copycat recipe

because it's going to taste really

similar to what you'd find at Starbucks

so if you guys are interested keep

watching for this drink we're going to

be making a grande Frappuccino serving

size now I could have fun with at all

but Tulsa start enough for me so Grande

it is will start with half a cup of ice

cubes 1 cup of ice-cold milk now

Starbucks uses whole milk in their

Frappuccino recipe but you can use 2% or

another dairy alternative if you'd like

3 tablespoons of organic cane sugar 3

teaspoons of quality matcha powder now

I'm using epic matches culinary grade

organic matcha powder which has a really

nice taste and is great for drinks and


and finally a splash of vanilla now just

cover and blend for a few seconds until

well combined

okay that looks pretty well blended

there now just pour it into a serving

cup and don't forget to top it off with

some whipped cream and if you'd like

maybe a splash of matcha right on the

top to give it a splash of color

so that's how easy it is to make a green

tea frappuccino at home now if you

normally customize your Starbucks drinks

you can also do so with this recipe

sometimes I like to add a little less

sugar or even use a non-dairy choice

like soy milk or even coconut milk

I'm angel thank you guys so much for

watching and if you are interested in

trying this drink recipe check out my

video description I have a printable

recipe on my blog and I'll leave you a

link to where you can find out more

about epic matcha until then

Cheers mmm so good