Will a Weighted Blanket Help You Sleep Better?

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping,

but sometimes it's not the easiest thing to do.

So, plenty of products claim to help get you

that well needed shut eye but are they a buzz or a bust?

Well, you're gonna find out in one second

because we have the man himself,

sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta joins us.

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First up, weighted blankets.

Some experts claim wrapping yourself

with 15 or more pounds of blanket could help

lower anxiety and lead to better sleep.

Dr. Raj, is it so?

So, the b word I want to think about is buzz.

Oh really?

Well round of applause.

So, who's going to use this blanket?

People with insomnia.

They want to solve their sleep problems.

For me, sleep is like a puzzle.

It has different parts to it.

Is it the temperature, is it the light, is it the sound?

So, if you use the weighted blanket,

maybe it's the cuddle, the schnuggling that you need.

So who's going to need this?

People with anxiety.

So I'm not saying it for everyone.

But what is the downside?

Yes, there's a little money to buy it, you know what I mean?

But, you get a blanket out of it, which is good.

And you were asking me, hey how much does this weigh?

Well, they use around 7-12% of your body weight.

So, the thing is is that, my wife,

I always like to mention her, she's a rheumatologist,

and she deals with a disorder called fibromyalgia.

So, you know there's a lot of pain in there.

And so what happens is, these weights

will actually hit those pressure points.

I'm not saying it's going to make you pain free

but anything could help.

On that note, back to sleep.

You're just not gonna to put the blanket on

and say, "Alright, good sleep."

But it's something to add on.

So my patients who bought their blue light shades,

who got their white noise, and looking for that next gadget,

maybe it's the blanket.

I'm gonna try it because I'm an ER doctor.

I work different shifts.

My sleep cycle's just completely jacked up,

that's part of my life, it's downside of the job.

With that, you got your own little jet pack,

everyone likes to be snuggled.

I willing to try it, I'm seriously gonna try it.

You know what the claim to fame for this?

Kids with autism, people with ADHD.

And anything to help just calm them down

and not give medications, I'm on board.

That kinda makes sense.

Because with anxiety, when a baby is in her mom's uterus,

and it's nice and snug and that's comfortable,

and after babies are born you wrap them up

really nice and snug and it will calm them down.

I agree and to play off that

and who's a pet lover here, if you have dogs,

there's something called the thunder jacket.

And you put your dogs in it to wrap them up

to make him feel for anxiety.

So it's kinda like playing off what you said,

the same concept about being schnuggled.

Alright, well you gave it a buzz.

I give it a buzz on this one.