hi everyone welcome back to a new video

so we have been keeping

a secret from you guys for three months

and just

getting this right off the bat no we are

not pregnant

so please don't get excited should we

tell them

or should we wait should we keep it

suspendful is that the word suspenseful

you guys are gonna have to wait a little

longer we have an hour to get there

oh my gosh i'm nervous i have butter you

guys don't know how long

well we've been waiting for a long time

for this day

i'm so so excited

i know we were what is this

we passed by the post office

a few moments later so we made it to our


and we have butterflies and knots in our


our scissors yeah yeah we have knots and

butterflies in our stomachs

you're so nervous we're so excited to

tell you guys and show you guys

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this is

getting real well i feel like i'm going

on a date with freddo

how are you feeling i'm so nervous

i'm excited i'm really excited i just

want to tell you guys already but i have

to show you all first but we made it to

our destination

oh my gosh i'm so nervous i'm i wear the

wrong shoes for today

like look at this grass but this is the

moment we have been

longing for and waiting for we're so

excited good things will come out of

this and

i know you guys are just like just get

to the point and i'm about to stay tuned

you guys we are very close you're like a

second away

oh wait no we just showed up and we

don't even know over there is this a

hump no it's a home here he goes people

do i ring this that's fancy

it's a beautiful home i'm moving on guys

hi leah nice to meet you

i feel like i already know you i know

your home is beautiful

are you ready yes i'm so excited


your fur is beautiful

so adorable oh my gosh

you have grown we have a fur baby

a fur baby she's curly

oh she's so sweet oh

look at her she's so cute i'm gonna give

you all this before we forget

oh yeah thank you this is the bag that

has like

your food in it okay the poor health

food from church spot

everything make sure it's green uh

rawhide free

okay for their stomachs right hide okay

got you wanna take them back to the bed

yes by the september 11th which is

so that's easy to remember 9 11. i

gotcha yeah i should all remember that


oh my god she's so cute there is that

has been soaked

the other two kids were like i don't

want to be in nothing i don't want to do

nothing i want to be in nothing i'm


when i'm left and then i was like no and

my husband's like i'm going downstairs

oh look at their little outfits oh


so cute these are poodles or

yeah that one's a poodle on that small

piece that's my service dog

oh look at that baby i know she's so

sweet look at us

look this way well you guys have a great




my dear everything moves so

fast it'll move so fast these days

come in pale close the dance will slow

maybe time will change it's pace

how do you feel brit excited happy


let's go help your girlfriend tell your

girl let's

the fun go we're gonna introduce her to

her new home

we're gonna let her explore not too much


not too much but i want to see her

reaction and how

cuddles does with her being in her home

she's been a good girl you deserve some

chicken woman follow your friend

photoshop come inside tell her

i feel a lot better in here okay let's

help your friend out good

give her a push i love how she's

standing next to her

come on come on oh now you don't want to

come inside

let's go come in welcome to your new


welcome watch her pee when she gets


i know i thought she was gonna do a

whole lot more exploring

so sweet she is the sweetest

oh girls come here a few

moments later

by the way guys it is fall in our home

you can see all the orange

touches in here i got some pumpkins i

still don't have all

of the decor out but i love this burnt

orange color like

i just i'm obsessed i love how the plaid

looks with the orange but it's a little

fall vibes in here we got a

candle burning so it smells like fall


air and pumpkin i can't it's so cute

i just want to cuddle with them and just

sleep for the rest of the day

here i go again all right

so we chose daisy for her name

and the main reason why we chose daisy

is because abel was born

in the month of april which is

that month the daisy represents that

month so that's the

flower of april and i don't know i just

feel like abel almost sent her to us

to give us peace and to help us heal in

this grief journey and

like we have a piece of able and i know

it's weird because it's a dog but i hope

it makes sense and that's why we chose

daisy to have a constant

reminder of abel yeah that's that's the

story time so how she's been doing so


she is such a good puppy i'm very

surprised i thought we were i thought

she was going to be a hot mess like

crying i've had like two puppies like

obviously cuddles but she wasn't the

crying type she was very relaxed like


but the other puppy i had was constantly

crying and crying like day and night

so that's how i thought she was going to

be but she's been

chilling she's sleeping right now she

ate already

carlos is doing great with her which i'm

very surprised she could come off as a

bully sometimes but she they're both

doing very great i'm very excited and

we have exciting stuff coming up that we

can't wait to share

i can't share it yet but i know i know

we want to share

this really good news with y'all but

it's coming very very soon

very soon but yeah that's where we're at

right now

i think cuddles is going to balance that


stage and then that maturity of cuddles

is going to help her mature

and daisy is going to balance

cuddles to continue to find that youth

in her yeah i'm excited

and we are so hungry we we actually

we're at um

our friend leanne hylian her house for a

little bit and we just got back

home so we're gonna eat alfredo pasta

with shrimp

and we're so hungry and sleepy and


you could tell you're in a house full of

girls now

what you gonna do i'm boiling the

noodles which are ready now probably

overcook them

oops yes i use oven mitts

is that gross should i even show that me

pouring that in there for the dirty


yeah yeah let's cut that out so to make

homemade my homemade alfredo sauce i


two garlic cloves and i minced them put

them in here let that

simmer and saute and then i put

um some milk parmesan cheese italian


pepper salt yeah let me have that

i didn't even notice another seasoning


basil and

milk and heavy cream you just stir it up

and let it

get thickened and yummy my mouth is



heavy oh

butter i forgot some same butter hi


no yeah

i know she's so cute huh

the pasta is ready i'm just gonna give

it a good stir i'm gonna add some

parsley flake

and then you just give it that

oh that coat of parsley flakes

beautiful that just dresses it up even

more that looks like it came from olive


no i look like it came from amano in


oh my gosh yes i forgot about that now

we take this shrimp

and horizon

are you guys a shrimp fan do you like

shrimp and to be honest i just used goya

sauce on

for this but a little goes a long way

when it comes to this so

i don't measure when it comes to this i

just kind of eyeball it

like your mouth water in front of

how much you want you can put the whole

thing i'll leave you the pot and this is

for me

buttery shrimp that should be good now


now i know why olive garden only gives

you like two shrimps


of course you gotta have your water

shout out to kroger bray you're so far


i know salsa valentina with alfredo


it sounds really weird but it's so good

is that a thing does anybody else do

that please let me know

so i don't feel like a weirdo ginger ale

oh the clouds look so good colors you

want to say hi

curtis you're so pretty you're such a

pretty old dog

daisy hey

daisy you wanna say hi

hi precious wanna say hi so we couldn't

have ended this video in the most

perfect place

ever and it's actually been a little bit

over a month

that we've came to visit yeah i think it

would be the most

perfect way to end this vlog um i hope


enjoyed this video today i did want to

say something before

we end this video i know people there's

going to be that one person that is

going to

comment it's so hot hold up so like i

was saying

i know there's gonna be that one person

that's gonna comment on the video

i acknowledge there's gonna be people

against purchasing

a dog from a breeder but all i wanna say

is that wherever you find peace in

whether you adopt or buy a dog just make

sure you love on them

and don't give up on them because

they're family yes and that they go into

a good home of course

yes and personally for us i know we

don't have to explain ourselves but i

just want to give a

little brief yeah we really wanted

somehow like

a therapy dog for us and that's our plan

with this little girl right here daisy


a reminder of not necessarily able but


experience at children's hospital and so

that somewhat

ties and connects with abel in the

hospital there was

golden doodles for therapy for all those

sick children

and for the parents and so they were

just very comforting to us

and yeah so that's the reason why we got

a golden doodle and of course we

have cuddles in our life as well yes

it's just to very much help us with

grief and

just to give us that extra comfort and

nurturing and

some high energy so we're very excited

to have her and to see

what this journey brings with having her

in our lives now where'd she go

she's oh she's actually a hot mess so

anyways thank you guys so much for

watching this

small little vlog we hope you enjoyed

this video

and please stay tuned for more future

videos following

our suite yeah hey your hair and please

stay tuned for more videos

following our sweet daisies journey

and cuddles both of our dogs and we look

forward to

uploading more videos we wanted to show

you guys abel's

official tombstone it's so beautiful and

we decided on daisies on the side


daisies represent the month of april

which abel was born in

yeah the verse hebrews 11 4. it's very


i recommend you guys to read it it's

just so touching and

just explains able overall to us but

overall we

completely love love love his tombstone

is gorgeous

and daisy's over there fighting some

daisies if you are new to this channel

do not forget to subscribe i don't ask

this a lot

or probably i do but point is according

to our

analytics a lot of you guys that are

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and so it really does help as we

continue to um produce more videos

we'll see y'all next week and have a

great great week we love y'all and

take care and you are a hot mess