well this is a jumbled up mixture of

different grain sizes it's it's

heterogeneous unstructured these pebbles

scattered around make it look a little

bit like a fruitcake there's a lot of

sand and there's also finer material I

can feel it in here there's silt and

probably even clay filling in the pore

spaces and look down there there's even

a boulder so what does this unsorted

sediment tell us what kind of

environment was it deposited in well

this Boulder is a clue this is actually

a glacial erratic it looks like it might

be a limestone it's certainly a

different Rock than any of the bedrock

in this area and must have been brought

here by a glacier and in fact unsorted

sediment like this is very common in

glaciated areas

glaciers in the mountains pick up a

variety of grain sizes dirt cobbles and

boulders everything and as they're

moving along they smear some of that

material along the base and produce

something like this also when glaciers

are melting out at the end of their

journey they can produce a mixture of

unsorted grain sizes just like this and

in fact this is what's called glacial