Fables, Folktales, Tall Tales

fables folktales and tall tales what are

they how are they different and what

should you look for when you read them

fables our brief stories with a moral at

the end the main characters are often

the animals which represent human

qualities like Aesop's fables The

Tortoise and the hare and the Fox and

the crow folktales are old stories that

have been told and retold from

generation to generation

they have no identifiable author they

tend to revolve around universal themes

and reveal cultural values they also

will probably communicate a moral or

lesson so what's the difference

fables are short and feature animals

whereas folktales started as oral

traditions and feature people both of

them will teach a moral and then there

were tall tales the main character is a

hero described as being extraordinary

his or her abilities are exaggerated in

order to engage the reader and

entertainment so what do they all have

in common their traditional stories they

highlight positive human qualities and

they reveal cultural values happy


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