Fables and Folktales: What's the Difference?

hello my name is Miss Kennedy and I have

got a very important question for you

what's the difference between a fable

and a folktale hmm

maybe we should review a bit what is a

fable a fable is a short story used to

teach a moral or a lesson they often use

animals as the main characters hey

there's an unseen some elements of a

fable might include main characters

being animals fictional stories and they

almost always teach a moral or a lesson

in the book a Nazis feast which we read

last week the two main characters were a

Nazi and a che and if you'll remember

the moral of the story was to always

treat others as you want to be treated

some different examples of fables would

be The Tortoise and the hare

and the ugly duckling so what about a


a folktale tends to be a short story

that's been told orally from generation

to generation

that simply means that people have been

telling it to their families for years

and years this means these stories

generally have no known author folk

tales usually begin with once upon a

time or a long long time ago

they involve everyday people and animals

the characters always have a problem to


they have phrases that are repeated over

and over and they love threes there's

typically three characters three tasks

and three events

and they always always always have a

happy ending

examples of folk tales include the three

little pigs and Goldilocks and the three

bears now can you tell me the difference

between a fable and a folktale

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