Patrick Hardison’s Face Transplant Journey

I had no idea who I had until we're

putting in the hamlets and they pulled

me down over his face and he said take

care of Chris seeing the kids that's one

idea that I had I mean it was a rotten

dambe so as you know now we've been

we've been evaluating Patrick in New

York at NYU the goal to replace the

entire face the ears the scalp give him

get rid of all the portions of the face

that were burned in the fire and make

them look normal I'm here in what use

for the face transplant got enlisted for

the transplant list on August 8 2014 I'm

not nervous I'm excited because I'm

ready for everything to get going but

it's just a day-by-day thing you know

get up every morning you think it's the

day the day you know you and then just

the next day the same way it's just

that's how it is so hopefully it'll

happen soon

it's in God's hand so it'll happen when

he's ready for it to happen

I know he's got an angel out there for

me somewhere and he's gonna called home

one day and you know hopefully when that

day comes that family is strong because

I cannot imagine losing somebody at a

young age and then having to be asked to

give what they're asking to give

when we think about a new life I think

what most people want to hear is the

drama of a new face but when you

actually ask these individuals what is

it that they miss or what they consider

you'd be surprised the things that we

take for granted every day that for them

is a new beginning

so today will be the first time there

we're going to let him look at himself

we've been preparing him for this event

so it's a big day

so here we go yeah I'm gonna get in your


let's go ahead and just turn that around

and just take a closer look at

we see a gauze

take a look at that

open your eyes real big little what you

see your hair dry your beer

it's good yeah your lips are nice and

normal it needs to be much more swollen

than they are right now you see how

nicer noses what do you think about here

this is something that's great right I'm

great at that on a weekly basis a

different fireman that was with him at

the time of injury comes up and spends

time with him I know that deep inside

he's excited from what he's feeling


so he's doing very well keep in mind

that as your father as your son he's

gonna want to be that person that he

used to be but our goal is to support

him and help him and not allow him to

force himself to be that person we're

getting there but he's doing fantastic

he's gonna be very excited to see all


you know what's interesting about a

person and I've learned a lot and I've

studied this a lot even though we change

their face what makes a person is who

they are their voice their mannerisms

the person who they are and that's what

we begin to recognize as a person right

and you knew your dad without a normal

face and it's the same dad now with a

normal face and you've loved them the

same way you're going to continue to

love them the same way and nothing will