How to DREAM Big and achieve your goals and dreams. | Ian Hacon | TEDxNorwichED


can I ask you to close your eyes can you

imagine a room much like this one it's

filled with all the people that are

important to you at the front of the

room is one of the most important people

in the center is a beautiful wooden box

you see what you're imagining is your

own funeral

and that person at the front of the room

is about to read your eulogy what would

you want them to say what would you want

to be remembered for

well if it were my funeral I'd like to

think it would sound something like this

here lies my dad Ian hakken dad lived a

long and happy life he spent much of his

life pursuing big dreams and when he

turned 50 he qualified for and competed

in the world

Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii

despite usually being in its way off the

front dad did this by committing to his

dream and pursuing it properly with

passion and perseverance what dad

discovered in this journey was that

achieving great goals was not accidental

it did not rely on luck or circumstance

it relied on hardwork and sticking to

the right ingredients for success he

went on to use the success formula again

and again today I'm not going to explain

how we managed to achieve so much how I

managed to dream big and inspire others

I'm going to take you back to the 28th

of April 2018 which is a year before he

qualified and player does TechTalk from

talk from TEDx nor dead the event where

he first laid out his formula to dream

big so my big dream is to qualify for

Kona the Ironman World Championships

next year in my 50th year to qualify I

need to be about 20 percent quicker in

order to achieve this I set about

researching other people that have

dreamt big to see what their secret was

and I discovered there was a formula for


there was an algorithm and I translated

this as d-r-e hey so let's have a little

look at each in turn d stands for dream

it of course to have a dream to realize

a dream we must first have a dream

successful people though dreamt big pain

every little detail on the canvas it's

also usually something to have a deep

passion or calling for they write it

down they stretch it they challenge it

they planner they plan for all the key

milestones and events so I've done this

on my journey I've decided which race

I'm going to try and qualify in next

year and in what time and improvements

in all my key metrics between now and

then this is Jake oh ah tink he

successfully climbed the highest peak in

each of the seven continents a feat that

took him 19 years to complete what

really struck me about JK was at is

attention to detail in his planning not

only for the things that went right but

also planning for the things that could

go wrong so that if they did happen he

knew exactly what to do so I reflected

that in my plan and so for instance I've

ended an earlier season qualifying race

so that if for any reason I don't

qualify I can have another go later in

the year so for your big dream

have you written it down have you

stretched it have you planned it or is

it just a dream ah stands from routines

successful people that have dreamt big

have daily rituals and routines to help

keep them on track one of which is

energy management there's no point in

having a dream and pursuing it if we're

gonna fall over in the mean time so

making sure we look after ourselves by

getting enough sleep and rest staying

hydrated and looking after our bodies

physical and mental health a key to

success despite my arduous training

regime I try to make time every day

to meditate and get enough sleep and

drink enough fluid

another key routine I found was


when she was growing up as a teenager in

Greece Arianna Huffington dreamt of

going to Oxford so her mother took her

there to walk the streets and halls when

she returned to Greece she was able to

visualize exactly what it felt like to

be there needless to say she got the

grades and she went to Oxford I draw a

visualization of myself crossing the

line at Kona every single day so when it

comes to your big dream what will be

your daily routines and rituals that

will help move you steadily towards it

e stands for effort successful people

that have dreamt big are prepared to put

in extraordinary effort in the run-up to

the Beijing Olympic Games Michael Phelps

worked five straight years of that a

single day off not even Christmas Day or

his birthday he said if you want to be

the best you have to do things that

other people aren't prepared to do I'm

working hard putting the effort in on my

journey so unless I'm ill if I think

about finishing a session early or not

doing it at all I simply say to myself

Ian that's not gonna get you to Kona and

I push through so when it comes to your

big dream are you prepared to put in

extraordinary effort a stands for

accountability successful people that

dreamt big have been accountable spelt

that wrong

they've been accountable to suddenly in

the sporting sense this is obvious the

sports person in the coach but many

other people who have dreamt big have

had that countability

Bill Gates was accountable to Warren

Buffett Mark Zuckerberg to Steve Jobs

Richard Branson to Freddie Laker

but the one special relationship I

really want to draw out is the one

between Oprah Winfrey and her late

mentor Maya Angelou

she described Maya the civil rights

campaigner actress and poet as her

mentor sister mother friend she said

that her advice freed her from the past

allowing her to be who she was and who

she could be and not who she had been

I've now recruited Joe bier one of the

UK's top travel on coaches he holds me

to account he challenged to me when I

get it wrong and he praises me when I

get it right

so for your big dream

who is gonna hold you to account

finally M stands for mindset Enid Blyton

Thomas Edison and Colonel Sanders have

one great thing in common they all

failed over a thousand times blight in a

said to have had over a thousand books

rejected by publishers Edison failed to

produce the light bulb over a thousand

times and Colonel Sanders when all over

America trying to find someone that

would take his secret chicken recipe and

was eventually successful in the

thousand and tenth visit successful

people that dreamt big are prepared to

overcome failure and setbacks but of

course this is not the only part of

mindset we need to adopt a positive

mindset towards I drew our dream we need

to always be adapting learning and

owning it it's not the responsibility or

fault of anyone or anything else you

need to own your dream three years ago I

suffered a serious cycle crash that left

me with delay concussion and various

other injuries four weeks later I push

myself to cycle

Paris and complete the marathon when I

got there for your big dream what would

be your mindset how will you overcome

setbacks so there we have it

how to dream big dream it paint every

little detail on the canvas routines

daily routines and rituals to help move

you steadily towards your dream effort

be prepared to put in extraordinary

effort accountability be accountable to

someone for your dream and finally

mindset overcome setbacks and have a

positive mindset towards your dream so

will I get Kona and will you achieve

your big dream whatever that might be

well I'd like to think that by following

this plan we have the best chance of

success we'll get much further by

dreaming than not dreaming at all thank