Skill #X6: Moves Resident Using a Draw Sheet

oh yes and I always work that way so as

far as height of the bed what are you

doing it you kind of have to go between

evenly if they got a tall person with a

short person the tall person might have

to stoop a little bit and the short

person would have to lift a little

higher so when you're moving a resident

up in that the first thing that you want

to do of course is always you're

knocking and saying good morning mrs.

Smith it's time to turn onto your side

so we're gonna help you we're gonna pull

you up in that first before we turn you

so first thing you're gonna do that is

I'm going to take your pillow out from

underneath your pad and you guard their

head because sometimes you have two

really strong people and they go up and

forward I go fake into the top of the

bed you don't want to do that causes her

injuries so let's go go ahead and take

the side rather than watch these yeah

you take and roll the turn sheet up as

close to the person not touching your

uniform what not to do

that's that was Shawn y'all okay and you

can either grab like this or you can

grab like this however you want to do it

right but you're getting this close to

the resin as possible

now you get your knees back out to the

side knees out to the side spreading in

each way

Thank You Bethany this way there you go

so then here close to the bed okay now

the problem with this type of thing is

if there's not communication between the

two entities that are doing it so you

get eye contact with the person we're

gonna go on three I'm gonna count in one

person or the other counts okay so on

three we're gonna go up and then forward

ready [ __ ] knees bent all right one two

fairly light weight and we both have

pretty good muscle so then you go ahead

make sure that the turn sheet is flat

underneath the person down the side of

the bed and then you would go ahead and

uncomfortable right same way what's

going now with going down again you get

the sheet up over there as close to the

person as possible good good body

mechanics when we go down on three you

want to go one two three up and down all

right so we moved him down at that now

if you noticed where the position of the

turn sheet is it is about mid-waist or

soft and about mid-thigh or so you want

to have cuz this is where the most

weight of the body is you have it down

to low you might move through this part

of the body up but your shearing skin on

the top part of the body or if you have

it too far on the top and you share you

to get it on the bottom as you're

dragging that part of the body with okay

so that's how people go in two people at

a time move your person up and then move

them back down