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hi everybody I'm a be a babyliss scout

newborns can soil eight to ten diapers a

day yes I said eight to ten a day and

you are going to need diapers so I'm

here today to help you choose what works

best for your family

cloth or disposable disposable diapers

are overall easier and more convenient

they help make the craziness of

parenthood with errands and travel and

daycare just a little bit simpler

because we just ball up the mess and

throw it out cloth diapers on the other

hand are over on money savers and they

can offer better care for your baby's

skin and the environment at the same

time and since cloth diapers can grow

with your baby some families save up to

two thousand dollars in their diaper in

years as long as you don't mind the

extra steps for cleanup here are the

pros and cons for disposable tapes pros

they are not only easy to use but

they're are so easy to clean up change

toss and done busy schedules are so much

easier with the disposable option no

extra laundry no extra work they're a

huge time saver they are small and fit

well into whatever you choose to bring

with you whether you're traveling or

even just out and about cons the cost

definitely can add up you have to keep

buying more and more until potty

training is totally done for each child

and a baby can go through thousands of

diapers those all pile up and that can

have a negative impact on the

environment there are a few brands like

bamboo nature that are biodegradable but

most of the popular brands are not and

will end up sitting in landfills for

years so now let's talk pros and cons of

cloth diapers pros they can be a cost

saver over time assuming your baby is in

diapers for longer than a year which

they usually are you'll start seeing a

return on what feels like a big upfront

cost by year two and Beyond and a

savings will really start to add up if

you use the same cloth types for

multiple children they were usable which

means less impact on the environment and

they definitely reduce waste sent to

landfills cons they do take more time

depending on you know the type that you

buy prepping and cleaning definitely can

be time-consuming they are definitely

not as convenient when out and about

dirty diapers need to be put in a

special wet/dry bag and this can be

hasil also some daycares or preschools

won't even Duke off diapering

well cloth diapers are different now you

do have to deal with a a gross factor

and clean up dirty messes especially and

this is definitely not for everyone know

this you don't have to choose one or the


some parents can do a mix of both my

daughter seems to prefer the cloth and

the fabric doesn't irritate your

sensitive skin but you could use

disposables on outings or when your

babies in child care and try diaper in

with cloth the rest of the time or try

cloth during the day and switch

disposable at night honestly just

whatever makes your life the easiest I

hope this helps

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great info like this and happy diapering