Film vs. Digital: Comparing Medium Format, 35mm, and Mirrorless | Photography Tips

is film really worth it all the money we

spend buying rolls and getting our

photos developed is it really even that

different than digital let's find out


okay so before you kill me in the

comments the best way to compare a film

to digital image would be to actually

print the film picture right from the

negative no scanning and then take the

digital image and then print it and then

compare the two but that's not what this

is also this is not a test to see which

camera or which way of shooting is

better we're just going to take the

negatives scan them put them into the

computer apply a very light edit and

then put them side-by-side so we can see

what the difference looks like for the

test I wanted to try out how the cameras

would do against broad daylight skin

tones and then a long exposure at night

I'll be using my Mamiya 645 medium

format camera for thirty five-millimeter

Pentax k1000 you can get these pretty

much anywhere and then for digital I'll

be using my sony a7s to the film i'll be

using is kodak portrait 400 if you've

never shot with a film camera before

portrait 400 is a pretty good place to

start and then i'll be scanning the

photos on the Epson B 600


so without further ado let's just start

taking some pictures


one of the first things that stick out

to me from this a7s shot is the wall

next to him and how sharp it looks the

edges are pretty pretty refined compared

to the film pictures where it's pretty

smooth out and notice the color also

even in the background the door the

green is really saturated one of the

things Kodak Portrait 400 is known for

is high saturation and low contrast and

the film really brings that out here

look at how the medium format really

brings out the blue in his shirt

compared to the 35 that kind of holds

back so I wanted to see how each camera

stood up with color so I had him stand

in front of a very colorful wall and as

you can see the film really took on a

pastel for the background and like we

talked about before that lack of

contrast is really showing here and you

can see that with his hair the a7s2

really brings out that contrast his hair

is pretty dark and his skin has a darker

tone to it too I know it sounds kind of

dumb to say but the film picture looks a

lot more alive looks kind of like it's

moving almost


so I wanted to shoot with a shallower

depth of field so I think we went with

2.8 and I just wanted to get that

natural light from the window so I think

the a7 s2 is definitely more detailed

you can tell that by the strands in his

hair and his skin and the shirt that

he's wearing but another thing to note

is the light in his eyes it's a lot more

shiny with a7s2

and the bokeh in the background is

significantly different for each shot

the highlights do seem a little more

under control with the 35 millimeter the

a7 s - it does look a little blown out

so for my next one I wanted to try out

long exposure so I shut the aperture I

opened the shutter for about 8 seconds

and then I just waited for the nearest

car to pass okay also I look miserable

right here


promised I was having a good time


so because I had never really taken a

long exposure photograph with a film

camera I wasn't sure how they were gonna

handle the detail I didn't think I was

gonna be able to get focused and I

certainly wasn't sure how they would

handle light in the dark but as you can

see they all kind of looked very

differently the medium format and a7s2

both kind of have flares going on the

top left corner that's coming from a

street light whereas 35 didn't really

get it at all

I think the medium format really shines

in the tree up in the top left corner

because of how detailed it is and

especially for how detailed it is for

nighttime I did not think that was going

to be the case but for the most part I'm

pretty happy with how they all turned

out procede lastly I took a photo of

this abandoned house in my town this is

with the a7s this is with the 35

millimeter and then this is with the

medium format apart from the obvious

color differences it kind of blows my

mind how each camera handles the

highlights because right now the a7s2

it's very harsh you can't really make up

much detail in the side of the house

right there whereas the medium format

you really get that detail and the

weather look on the wood they're showing

you how old that house is so this photo

is obviously focused to infinity and the

background with the trees still doesn't

lose that detail the color and the and

the the crispness and the branches and

the leaves is is very clear and it's

pretty impressive on the sharp in his

side the 35 millimeter was definitely

lacking the color was still there but

for the most part it does look pretty

pretty filmy well hope you guys liked

this video it wasn't necessarily a

tutorial but just something for you to

look at in case you want to get into

film photography remember I'm not saying

that any of these is better than the

other all right you know the drill tell

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think I'm sure you will and I'll see you

in the next one