Coffee Addicts Try To Guess Regular Vs. Decaf Coffee

- My mom started putting like a little bit of coffee

in my hot chocolate and the first day

I almost like shit my pants on the way to my school.


(upbeat music)

- I started drinking coffee when I was in the second grade.

- It's like the first thing I drink every morning,

drink it all the way through the day.

- I'm a late coffee adopter and now I can't stop.

I love it, I need it every day.

- Coffee and me is getting a little

out of control lately in the mornings.

- In terms of like a ratio, I think it would be like

a two is to one with sugar and actual coffee.

- Yeah I would say I have at least one or two cups

of coffee every morning, and that's after

a caffeine pill to go to the gym.

- I have a committed relationship with coffee.

And I quit smoking a long time ago

and coffee is a great replacement for that.

(upbeat music)

- [Both] Ooooh.

- Oh. - Oh, interesting.

- Are there really people who think

they can tell the difference?

- I bet I can tell the difference,

you're sitting next to one.

- I don't believe in decaf coffee.

- Yeah it's stupid.


- [Both] Why?

- Cheers.

- I can taste the caffeine in this for sure.

- You can taste the caffeine - Yes I can taste it.

- Over all the sugar, you can taste the caffeine molecule?

- Yes I can. (laughter)

- Are you tricking us?

Are they both decaf? (laughs)

- Oh, shit.

- Tastes pretty smooth, like a standard cup of coffee.

- Isn't it weird that it's just bean water, though?

- This tastes like nothing.

- Oh, definitely this one.

- It's this one.

- Yeah this one sucked. - For sure.

- Okay so it's a little harder.

- This one, it feels like there's something

missing maybe, I don't know.

- Interesting.

I'm gonna say the opposite.

- This one kinda tastes like gas station coffee.

- Yeah.

This is more watery.

- I'm gonna assume that you're not tricking us,

because that's just screwing me up.

- I'm gonna be like really embarrassed if I like

mess this up. - Mess this up.

- Yeah.

- You drink like five.

- Yeah. - You should know.

- Okay, just 'cause I wanna be controversial

and because my taste buds are all messed up,

I'm gonna go this as decaf.

- Caffeinated, decaf.


- Would bet my firstborn on it.

- I think right is caffeinated and left is not.

- Okay, I think I'm gonna agree with you.

I think this is, I think this one's caffeinated,

this one's decaf.

- Final answer, decaf, regular.

- This one right here.

- This one.

- I believe the opposite, I think right is decaffeinated

and left is caffeinated coffee.

- Yes!


- I got it. - Damn it.

- I nailed it.

I've been practicing this for 20 years.

- Oh so I was right the first time.

- Oh shit. - And then I got influenced.

- Yes - Oh, damn it.

- Yes - My coffee senses

are way off.

- It's pointless, I don't see the use of it.

Unless you like the flavor, like you actually genuinely

like the flavor and you don't wanna stay up.

- They're both good though.

I would drink either one of these.

- Actually, yeah, and if you didn't tell me the decaf

was decaf, I would probably drink it

and feel like I got my coffee for the day.

- So, big supporter of decaf and I'm embarrassed

that I couldn't tell the difference.

- ABDC, always be drinking coffee.

(upbeat music)