Baby's First Ultrasound! 6 Weeks Pregnant



good morning honey

today's the day we've been waiting for

huh how we startin today we did we

cleaned up pretty good I started my day

at 2 o'clock this plane yeah sorry we're

taking our estrogen yeah nice answer

your prenatal at lunch and today's the

day we've been waiting for first

ultrasound today I am working remotely

for the first part of the morning so I

can go to a our first ultrasound at 1:30

and we're gonna find out what is going

on sure how many babies do you think are

in there I ain't thirsty we think

there's two amazing things there like I

like to joke and I kiss her stomach four

times every day just to be safe because

I want all four babies to get love and

if it's just two then they get double

the love it's win-win situation but I do

think there's more than one baby in

there Sarah you want to film your tummy

let's trim your tummy show me no but

look it still makes sense what people

want to see no come on like I love you

babe you're not chubby but like you look

a little chubby there in the good way in

the good way look I don't know I think

it could be so we're gonna go off to me

to work Sarah to work and Sarah was

loving loving and made me coffee this

morning like she does every morning

like making coffee and I did oops nope

no explanation I'm so excited

hey guys the time has come we are about

30 minutes away from our appointment and

we are both really nervous

it's been kind of a whirlwind getting to

here we were planning on not starting

IVF until November not transferring till

November and then now all the sudden

it's not even November and we're at our

ultrasound and for those you guys who

don't remember we or don't know we

miscarried at nine and a half weeks yeah

and yeah nine we around nine weeks and

it was awful as our second ultrasound in

this is our first ultrasound so we're

not even to the point where we were last

time and so obviously we're really

nervous yeah

we're really excited so super pregnant

we knew this but I mean like it's just

been a little bit of a scare every day

is taking it a day at a time and we

didn't tell him about last week yeah

last week

on Friday yeah on Friday at work I

laughed a week before that I don't know

one of these last Friday's I was at work

I don't know about since our last update

and I spotted like a pinkish red and the

spotting that I have had is has been

Browns that's just old but this was like

fresh so I panicked and I called Mason

crying and got the afternoon off and I

ended up going to the walk-in clinic cuz

our clinic was closed and they treat my

blog to check the HCG levels and it was

ten thousand sixty two so it had gone up

over nine thousand it's over 9000 it was

a huge jump yeah that's way high for

what were you at the time five weeks

five and a half weeks so I don't

everybody's numbers are different but

that's really high so we're really

excited and comforted to see that but

like I said we take every day at a time

and it's hard to celebrate the wins like

I don't think we'll both feel

comfortable until well we'll feel better

today when we see little heartbeats

but then hopefully - but then we

probably won't feel comfortable next

until we get to the next ultrasound

where we got to last time and then we

probably will feel better then but I

don't know I probably won't feel super

good until I have that baby in my arms

babies in arms we're really excited

though I mean it's this weird place that

we've been a couple of times before

being really excited and really scared

there's gonna be two

would you be sad but at least in any

case luck fair in any case thank you

guys so much for all your support and

prayers we know you guys have been

asking us for updates and we're gonna

give you one here so stay tuned we'll

take you guys along for the update

how you feeling on we're almost here I'm

so nervous

your report I just put it in your portal

I just came back oh sweet out of the

office a little bit and they're all


you're all minimal he'll love it okay


I think the quality of these is is sort

of suboptimal you know we did over the

next day but yeah okay so okay this is

now the full report is in your portal

wonderful thank you so much okay

like Jo and yours are eight men you guys

you wanna eat the half yeah yeah it was

I thought ultrasound where it did look

good yeah

yeah okay

to get past this ultrasound heartbeat

you said yeah

what does heartbeat well I measure it in

a moment letting you get your movie

there okay

so for sure this one right Nick for sure

just why

her Peterson I'm walking down the hall

22 beats a minute which is normal and

this is measuring that's good and your

due date is June 18 right there any

measures just exactly as it should today

yes very excited this this part before

we have about we're going to take

positive to the next one yeah this is

greatness today yeah

here all your is no OHS that's no no HSS

so we got past that too

yes that's great thank you so much okay

take care you too what is they won yeah

I love you

no quads just one Oh healthy normal

common so we have a healthy normal baby

I cried a little bit cry some more

heartbeat of 122 everything is measuring

on the sugar it's like Oh better well

there you have it guys we have one

healthy baby wheeler in there and we're

so excited I think you guys so much for

all your support and love on Instagram

be sure to follow Sarah and I wheeler

Sarah and wheeler Mason on Instagram to

get updates more regularly than we can

vlog and edit but we are so thankful for

you guys we'll try and update you guys

all along the way we can't wait what

does the due date June eighteenth which

is like right after anniversary it's

just so tight I'm not sure yes it is

anyways thank you guys so much for

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bye guys