Could you start a cult?

can you start your own cult you can turn

back now or learn the stuff they don't

want you to know hey Benny

hey Chuck a much quick question I know

you're about to go in in the code yeah

Matt and I are starting a cult would you

would you be interested in joining our

cult instinct says yes but what like

just give me some deets oh okay well

sustainability is really big we were

talking about that so we're gonna be

sort of a locally grown eco friendly

type cult and we think that human

communities are sort of like a demigod

and then like the real God and yeah yes

nature okay so we're going to you know

we are gonna recycle a lot and we'll

also don't worry we're also gonna

isolate in the communion of music yeah

yeah sure you get everybody gets an

instrument yeah and you can choose okay

so you won't be stuck with like maracas

or something yeah do you have a recorder

player mm we don't yet have a recorder

player you know has two thumbs in a

recorder is it that guy yeah uh okay so

you're in yeah but it's it's a it's not

a band like I want to I want it to be

like super comfy well yeah Cole it's

definitely I'd say if we were looking at

percent its percentages it's like 85%

cult okay maybe 10% band and 5% just

hanging out just good times okay count

me in buddy what okay yeah all right


no take-backsies no take-backsies is

that the secret handshake or what uh

yeah that's our secret handshake here

I'll show you again it's just a we call

it a secret handshake

so don't well no one does it anymore

yeah so I think you own it hey Thank You


hey no problem all right so I guess I'll

see you on we meet on - yeah I saw



large uh-huh cotton-blend okay yeah you

got it hey and thank you

no problem all right see ya Matt speed

that's what we say now Matt speed hello

welcome back to the show that's Matt

behind the camera I'm Ben that makes

this stuff they don't want you to know

and this week we're taking a look at

cults now some of these might be cults

you've heard of such as David Koresh is

outfit in Waco Texas or maybe even

Heaven's Gate a few years back in

California but we're also looking at

obscure cults and this got us very

interested in the way that cults work

how do you start your own cult

surprisingly enough we did find some

information about this notably from

Psychology Today which has an excellent

write-up on some basic steps to starting

a cult but how many steps are there yeah

I know what you're thinking you're like

yeah of course I would want my own cults

who doesn't but if there are 32 steps I

don't have time for that I have to be at

work in like two hours well that is the

first of the seven steps what I just did

there I don't have a watch I acted like

I did because one of the first steps is

to create your own reality and the best

way to do that clearly is through

isolating groups of people so they can

just bounce off of stuff they're

restriction of information means that

they can only talk to each other about

you know not something they saw on

television or not some stranger they met

but just the same people talking about

the same basic religious or cultish

tenants over and over and over again

like two mirrors reflecting off of each

other eternally next we set up a leader

and that leader has an inner circle and

only they hold the key to paradise

whatever your particular flavor of

paradise would be we're using Matt

because Matt is a people person and he's

difficult to dislike third start small

with your demands you know just like the

old sales tactics foot-in-the-door

tactics give somebody a free little gift

as a token symbolically that makes them

feel obligated to listen to the rest of

your spiel and then once you have your

foot in the door start ramping up those


you know next would be taking the the

person's social life away by removing

them from their family next would be

taking all of their possessions having

them deed stuff in your will now of

course these are horrible things but

these are real steps that cults take for

and this probably familiar to anybody

who's ever been on reddit to visit the

Ark young yang subreddit or anybody's

read North Korean propaganda you keep

churning out great stories about the

leader so Matt is our cult leader then

what we keep saying is just awesome

stuff that Matt probably didn't do but

we'll act like it's true you know Matt

came back from the dead

Matt is the reason that Australia is a

continent and no longer attached to

Southeast Asia

the point I'm making is it doesn't

really matter the leader just has to be

more than a mere mortal Hey hello

Jonathan how's it going how's tech stuff

going great six hundredth episodes

coming up soon congratulation thanks hey

what are you doing this weekend you know

I hadn't really uh made plans yet cool

oh you should come hang out with me and

some friends of mine that'll be there

oh no Frederick and I we get along great

yeah yeah so I guess free goes up to uh

you know just hanging out maybe playing

some music talking about stuff where

we're going in life figuring out where

you're going in life because I can tell

from your body language that your you

got some questions huh what does it all

mean alright Matt it turns out has some

amazing insights into the world around

us and he's revealed these to me and

what we do is we get together you know

sometimes on Tuesdays sometimes on the

weekend and we just talked about the

stuff that matt has told us and where

Matt is gonna take us in life so you

know I

do you just set me straight if I'm wrong

but this sounds a little bit like like a

cult cool yeah I'm gonna be real with

you baby J it's a cult we're in a call

to Taiwan tieu to be in this cult with

us so you know I know the c-word can

weird people out man but don't don't be

freaked out this is not some weird

conspiracy thing this is a totally

rational cult okay we we believe in

science we party they're they're mostly

women in there in the cult and do a lot

of drugs matt has invented this game

that came to a minimun Ben I'm gonna

stop you right there you had me at the

women and drugs

sign me up dude okay yeah the this

weekend right yeah I am there buddy just

just give me an evite okay to get home


um we have a tumblr and I'll send that

to you sweet all right let me show you

our secret handshake oh yeah that's it

ah simple but effective yeah all right

man well I will see you on Saturday see

you then all right five once you've got

your converts your converts main mission

is to bring in more converts that's how

cults grow in this sort of Ponzi scheme

arrangement you know because the more

people they bring in under them the

higher they go in the hierarchy and the

more likely they are to get into again

whatever the brand of paradise is six

and six might be one of the most

important things this is a commonality

among many cults keep everybody busy

preferably with mind-numbing work that

doesn't allow too much creativity what a

lot of cult leaders Charles Manson for

instance spend a great deal of time

wearing down the egos and the individual

personalities of their followers and

when we say keep people busy we're also

talking about just keeping them

listening that's why so many cults have

the cult leader or trusted followers

doing these marathons sermon sessions

that lasts you know 10 12 hours

where the cult followers can't do

anything but listen to somebody berate

them and play on their insecurities and

then make them think that their only

chance at salvation is again this super

awesome leader who apparently in our

case made Australia a continent which is

a pretty silly example but on par with

that of real cults honestly seven this

is most important it should be clear

that by now these people are beaten down

they're removed from anything worthwhile

in their individual lives they're me to

feel terrible and they're kept busy all

the time so they're exhausted they're

probably not eating that well but why

are they doing it that goes to number

seven which is of course the carrot at

the other end of the corner of life and

it could be an apocalyptic event that

happens in their lifetime like in

Heaven's Gate it could be I mean

impending apocalypse is one of the most

popular ideas for a lot of cults so as

long as they feel that there is a huge

spiritual payoff coming and that they

will be among the only people who ever

get to realize that payoff then cult

leaders can continue stringing along

people for four decades hey Ben I've

been looking for you buddy we gotta go

do our stuff we got a record yeah yeah

we were well you ready I got a different

idea Scott and I'm just gonna just go

with me here I'm gonna lay this on you

instead of recording car stuff like we

do every Thursday why don't we just skip

it and you come with me and we'll hang

out Matt and I'll hang out with you and

some friends that we made you know we

could look at cars or whatever hang out

with friends instead of recording yeah

yeah what like like a group of like

whatever yeah like there's this

community that we've sort of started and

we hang out on Tuesdays and on the

weekends and you know we talk about cars

sometimes and kool-aid and music and you


we we do some some drug things to get in

sort of a group mind you know and like

maybe like a religion of some kind or

something oh come on man it's not a

religion Oh what is it

it's a cult buddy just cult yeah culture

really is right now so we'll go in we'll

get kind of isolated you probably won't

be able to talk to your family that much

okay well tell you what I'm not really

interested in a cult but do you have

maybe a brochure or a pamphlet or

something give me a lot

David Koresh did not need a brochure oh

I will I'll definitely not think about

it no that is like our Savior figure hey

think about it though you know he'll be


now quick coffee out of course we've

tried some of this stuff out on our

co-workers we want to say to our

knowledge and either Matt nor I have

actually started a cult we are looking

at the differences between cults and

religions in an upcoming audio episode

where we go more into detail about this

of course we're being a little bit

tongue-in-cheek with some of this stuff

we do also want to point out that there

are numerous resources if you believe

that someone you care about is trapped

in a cult and somehow psychologically

compelled to stay in an unsafe or

unsustainable situation it's easy to

bring help to them well well well looks

like you're one of the people who stays

to watch the rest of the video I'm glad

you're here Matt and I need your help

our next series is going to cover secret

underground bases across the world and

we'd like to hear from you when it comes

to what we should cover and what you

think is real and what you think is

absolutely will so let us know before

next week write us an email over the

weekend our address is conspiracy at