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and this is gonna be a weird no so the

other day I was on discord just cruising

around getting bullied you know usual

and I saw a video recommendation that

really stood out to me it was a link to

a channel called eunuch all and it had a

message that read this is a cult that

believes in unicorns aliens and sex

robots now that sounds pretty cool the

problem is there's only allowed to be

one call on this bloco YouTube and it's

mine so today we're gonna need to see

what's up with this eunuch all what are

they about

do they have an army are we gonna have

to fight I'm ready I've been told I love

confrontation so I followed the link

that was sent to me and I started

digging to get any information I could

we got to know our enemies if we're

gonna take them down boys their YouTube

channel didn't really have much info on

it it was filled with a lot of random

bizarre videos I know I am a beginner

and magic I will continue to learn I

made this wand script sir I'm gonna have

to ask you to put the unicorn dagger

down right this incident their cult has

magic wands guys are we supposed to win

the only thing that really stood out on

this channel where these testimonial

videos which was basically members of

the cult telling you why you should join

my appeal to me about the unicorn

was that it was so open and welcoming to

new members members of all different

backgrounds all different skill sets all

different mindsets you Nicole welcomes

them in all of these videos the members

wear these really creepy robes which is

not very welcoming I gotta say I've seen

one too many horror movies to know that

if they got a hood on you you're

probably gonna die it's just the way it

goes also they talked about this girl

Nicole who I can only assume is the cult

leader but they talked about her in

these videos like she's some sort of God

I was instantly drawn to her she was

such a fearless person she never held

anything back I don't know there was

something you're so inspiring it because

someone please explain why Nicole's cult

members worship her and my cult members

make me cry every night

Nicole from one cult leader to another

what drug are you feeding them let's

the notes Nicole so other than that

there wasn't really much info on this

channel I really wanted to know what you

Nicole actually was and what they stood

for and I was eventually led to another

channel called you Nicole Unicron now

this channel appears to be the main cult

channel being used the other one must

have been a decoy you're clever you

Nicole but I'm on to you okay won't all

your secrets and something a psychopath

this channel appears to be ran by Yuri

Cole or Nicole I found out she

interchanges you Nicole in Nicole from

what I've gathered you Nicole is

Nicole's alter ego Nicole is just a

random normal girl in you Nicole is an

alien from space there's no joke there

by the way so I found a video that

talked about how the cult was started be

warned it's like a acid trip and so

there was the circuit Orion

spirit Arcturians are a group of a fifth

to seventh dimensional beings who are

very kind and loving and and have these

really beautiful ideals because they

aren't still so connected to these

higher realms so the arcturion energy

was a perfect way it wasn't a bad dream

you're awake

so apparently what happened was Nicole

hated her life years ago and she wanted

to die so she ended up going in the

wilderness up some mountain she took a

bunch of medicine to overdose but

through some miracle her father found

her up the mountain even though she was

in the middle of nowhere she gave no

warning of where she was going he just

found her somehow but he ended up saving

her and now she started this call to

give herself some purpose it's actually

a really nice story she created her own

reality in this character called you

Nicole where she can just live a fantasy

and be happy she now believes in magic

and aliens she also believes she came

from space and she calls herself star

seed and she has telepathic abilities

how is my cult supposed to compete with

the telepathic alien this is not fair at

all also on this channel she does weekly

Church live streams they don't get much

viewers but I said through a few of them

because I was like this is finally the

chance that I'm gonna learn what this

cults about

the livestream begins with an annoying

Bell in a kind of creepy chat then you

Nicole sings a hymn from you Nicole's

hymn book spell hmm by the way because

we're not like other cults were unique

or you Nicole just can't spell I'm not

really sure either one works the songs

also have a creepy vibe to them like one

of them was about being in a cult and

not knowing if you're brainwashed or not

am i brainwashed or am i free does this

cold wet me be me I don't know I'm just

saying finally we move on to the actual

teachings of the cult

she begins the lesson of the week which

always involves some weird spiritual

ideology like different realities or

planes of existence like it's some it's

a lot of hippie stuff it's also

accompanied by a drawing in Microsoft

Paint which I found a bit comical

because she's like teaching this highly

complicated theory while highly

complicated it's nonsense but she's

expressing it in paint like she's

talking about the whole entire universe

but in paint it's just like a little

squiggle they are actually changing

physical reality they're changing social

reality they're changing energetic

reality and it's all inter laughing it's

all interwoven with each other so now

we've got someone who's who's barely on

the edge of me of my understanding of my

reality okay so I tried really hard to

follow along with this teaching but it

was like sitting in a math class that is

ten grades above your level and also the

teachers on LSD it was insane I'll give

you guys a brief summary of what I sat

through premature friend Church welcome

to pretty hurt

Krim church we are all rainbow circles

yes even you is she called Miss Kitty

if someone's rainbow circle touches you

then you connect with them but if the

circle is not touching you then you

don't connect with them this big black

circle is reality that we sit on top of

to communicate and this black square is

society that fits into on top of reality

that we communicate that's literally

what was said I had no clue what was

happening even the people watching we're

talking about the Olympics so I have a

theory that you Nicole is the only one

that knows what's happening and everyone

else watching is just nodding and like

agreeing yes you Nicole we understand

you know we don't we have no idea what's

going on she's insane I think it's

pretty safe to say some form of drug use

is involved with you Nicole and I ended

up finding an interview where Nicole

says she wanted to try DMT vaginally

with the interviewer would you do that

entire interview should be used for a

don't do drugs campaign at one point it

was said in the video that if you want

money really badly you should just kill

someone you're why Brava

don't you think you could kill a person

or animal so even after all this I still

felt like I was missing what you Nicole

really was I felt like there was more to

it than just a couple hundred people

watching this insane girl every week

there there had to be more right so I

came to the conclusion the only way I

was going to truly know what the call is

about is if I try to join it so I was

told in order to join the call I had to

go to their website so that's what I did

it on their website is where I finally

got a clear understanding of you

Nicole's message they say the core

belief of the call is to spread

happiness and Buddhist members in a

constant state of continuous joy while

working towards a global future none can

thrive while others suffer which i

thought was a really nice message so I

went to join the call and I was met with

an $11 application fee which I was

really tempted to do but what stopped me

is I don't want to contribute to this

girl's drug use and also it apparently

takes a long time to get the application

and ain't nobody got time for that

so I scratched joining the call and

decided instead I was just going to read

their teaching

which to my surprise I was once again

met with a $33 paywall and this is when

the joy and innocence of the call

quickly began to fade for me I began to

realize that Yoona cult has this nice

sugar coating of wanting to do good and

spreading happiness but what's that very

thin layer of sugar melts you're left

with an actual call that just wants to

spread and make money for example they

have a job list on the qolt website

which is it's weird in itself because

this cults about spreading joy and like

happiness right but then they're giving

their members a bunch of work to do

which is arguably the opposite of joy

and happiness but that's fine some of

these jobs include right and click baby

call articles organizing publicity

stunts for the call hanging up called

posters and making testimonial videos

remember those they're not trying to

hide the fact that they are trying to

spread they are trying to make money

they are a call like it's just weird

it's a weird thing so I did some more

digging on the site and I just kept

coming across sketchy offer after

sketchy offer for just complete nonsense

you want to learn telepathy that's 22

dollars a month she did make some really

good ads for this telepathy classes I

kind of miss dialog greetings you Nicole

oh hey Zoila I was just thinking about


greetings we have received your

telepathic signal

thank you for expanding your

consciousness thanks for helping me

practice telepathy it is going on you

can also by prayers readings energy

which I don't even know what energy is

and just give you a battery here's a

door so you can also buy a unicorn for

like three hundred dollars the call even

has a full story that is basically just

an online magic shop which you can buy

you Nicole's hair for a thousand dollars

do you wish to be closer to Unicode and

through the digital connection that you

share now a physical tangible lock of

Nicole's hair can be yours to have into

hold I love how we all freaked out when

the e girls were selling their bath

water but we have a telepathic alien

over here selling locks of her hair

ain't no one say you know work come on

people get your priorities in order

and look I'm okay with people making

money doing whatever they want as long

as you're not hurting anyone

go make some money but it gets to a

point where I have to ask is you Nicole

spreading joy or is she bottling it up

and selling it my biggest problem with

you Nicole is that like any other cult

they target the weak if you didn't know

cults go after the lost or the depressed

or the lonely or the Dom because those

types of people are the easiest to get

on board and believe whatever you're

preaching it's easy to give hope to the

hopeless and you Tikal is no different

she even lists who would be good members

for the group and a majority of the

traits are lonely depressed poor weak

like like it's just like any other call

they're targeting the weak yes you

Nicole may be able to give an unhappy

person a sense of belonging and

happiness but at the end of the day if

the goal is to then convert that person

to spend money or recruit more people I

think it's wrong you Nicole isn't

directly hurting people but there aren't

many cults out there that do directly

hurt people Scientology is a perfect

example if you break Scientology down to

its bare bones it's just a group of

people settling knowledge and

information to other people and there's

nothing wrong with that hence why

legally they're not ever in trouble but

the problem comes morally when they're

selling fake nonsense information to a

bunch of hopeless weak people and that's

exactly what you Nicole is doing it's

selling hope and joy to people that have

none impersonally morally I think it's

wrong you Nicole even has a level system

being implemented as we speak that every

time you level up you get information to


it's basically an early version of

Scientology that's what you Nicole is

I'm kind of sad now this video started

out so playful and funny and now their

final thoughts

just because you Nicole is open and

self-aware that they are a cult does it

change the fact that they are a call

just because I tell you I'm a serial

killer doesn't change the fact that I

have 10 bodies in my basement now does

it anyways it's going to be it for this

video it ended on kind of a dark no but

that's fine that's life for you if you

want to join my call we're nice we don't

ask for money all you got to do is click

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leave a comment saying I'm a member of

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don't know I'm going by