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today I'm gonna walk you guys through

how I took my credit score from the low

six hundreds to over eight hundred there

are three steps I needed to complete in

order to make this happen the first step

was pull my credit report now the way I

did that was I actually contacted the

three major credit bureaus TransUnion

Equifax and Experian once I contacted

them I actually requested a copy of each

one of those credit Burrell reports on

myself once I got those reports then I

started trying to figure out what did

those credit reports mean you know what

did I need to pay attention to in order

to try and get my credit score above 800

so I started doing some research online

figuring out okay what are the

categories that make up the credit

report and those categories are personal

information credit account history

credit inquiries and public records and

collections those are the things that

make up the credit report and then I

went one step further I continued to do

researching to figure out how do each

one of those categories affect my credit

score once I understood where the credit

report was what were them four main

components of the credit report then I

was ready to move on to my next step now

that next step was finding out what was

negative on my credit report remember I

ordered my credit report from the three

major credit bureaus now you don't have

to do that you can go online there's a

million ways to order a credit report my

recommendation if you don't want to go

to each credit reporting agency directly

my recommendation is used

annualcreditreport.com so once I

understood what the negative things were

in the report then the next step was to

figure out how to fix those things if

there were any inaccurate information in

that credit report then I basically did

a dispute form to the credit bureau

agencies to dispute that inaccurate past

due or late payment you also got to

understand some of those things were at

least for me I understood some of those

things were were definitely my things

and unfortunately for whatever reason

when I was younger I just didn't take

care of him so the next step I wanted to

do in fixing my credit report was I

wanted to make sure I contacted those

creditors and worked out a situation

where or negotiated a situation where I

would offer them less than what I owe

them in exchange for them giving me a

zero amount due or a paid out on my

credit report now sometimes these

negative things on your credit report

will stay out there for seven years so

it's not a quick fix but the thing that

I did and that paid off of me in the

long run was is I just took care of all

of the things that were negative on

there whether they were mistakes on the

report I disputed mistakes and the

things that were mine I just picked up

the phone or sent a letter to the

creditor and negotiated a payoff in

exchange for them putting they paid off

zero balance on my credit report and

then as time went on as long as that was

zeroed out it would fall off the report

and again it would increase my credit

score now you say well why is that

important well guys you know having good

credit and having a credit score of 680

or higher is the difference between

three four five interest rate

percentages when you're talking about an

auto loan if your credit score is a six

eighty or below maybe your rate is five

percent if your credit score is six

eighty or higher maybe that 5% auto loan

rate goes down to three percent

that's just the way it works because the

better you can show your

creditworthiness and the way you show

creditworthiness is by lenders and

creditors pulling your credit report and

seeing have you paid your obligations on

time and have you been consistent and

that will reflect on how high your

credit score is so that's a big one for


because you guys know my story I like to

keep my cash in my pocket and I like to

utilize smart debt in order to realize

my financial goals so for me having good

credit and and being able to access the

very best interest rates out there are

critical I would ask you guys pull your

credit reports take a look at them see

what's in there

are there things in that credit report

that you don't understand and if they

are do some research find out what they

mean if there are things in there that

don't belong to you be proactive dispute

those items with the three major credit

reporting agencies and guess what by law

they got to take them off of they don't

belong to you own up to the things that

are yours that you may have made some

mistakes on in the past don't just try

and ignore them they don't go away what

you want to do is is pick up the phone

send a letter to that that creditor or

that lender and try and negotiate a

payoff a lot of times the lender or the

creditor has sold that bad debt they

sold it to a collection agency

now the collection agency has it so you

have to deal with the collection agency

normally these collection agencies are

buying this bad debt or this charged-off

debt pennies on the dollar for example

if you had a thousand dollars charged

off to a creditor or lender norming that

lender that creditor will sell that to a

collection agent for 10% of that so the

collection agency probably bought it for

a hundred bucks and then they're going

to come after you for the full thousand

and anything they make over that 100

bucks is profit for them so there's a

lot of room and there for you to

negotiate what a collection agency if it

gets to that point but my recommendation

get those things taken care of and then

once you've got all of that stuff taken

care of from the past then as you go

forward in the future you just got to

make sure you're making your payments on


don't go 30 days late make your payments

on time make sure you watch you watch

your credit card utilization if you got

a ten thousand dollar limit keep in mind

normally when you get about 10 percent

of that limit and an outstanding balance

on the credit report your score starts

to going down because of your

utilization is higher which is a which

is riskier because people think you

can't repay it you're in trouble with

things like that so my recommendation is

is watch that credit utilization make

your payments on time put a credit

freeze out there if you feel like that

may be beneficial to you and then once a

year at minimum once a year pull your

credit report so you can find out what's

on there pulling my credit report

figuring out what was negative on that

credit report and then addressing those

negative things and fixing those

problems that's how I took my low six

hundred credit score to over eight

hundred where it is today doing those

simple steps and it was free I didn't

have to pay anybody to do that it took

some time and effort on my part and a

little bit of research but the

information is out there guys on the

worldwide web at your fingertips all you

got to do is sit down spend some time

and doing some research I just want to

do reiterate again how important credit

is if you're a person out there who's

not paying cash for everything I think

credit is just something that is

essential to a financial person's life

you need to make sure you understand it

and how it works and try and keep it as

high as you can if you're gonna be out

there looking to do loans and things

like that to push forward your financial

situation and to meet your financial

goals well guys if you got questions

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