How Are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated?

this is melissa morley with all seasons


and today we're going to discuss how car

insurance premiums are calculated

this is really good information for you

to have the more

information you have the better informed

consumer that you are

the more likelihood you're going to save

money and have all the coverages that

you're looking for

now nowadays insurance

premiums are calculated on a whole lot

more than they used to be

used to be are you a man are you a woman

how old are you

what kind of car do you drive and how

many accidents

and tickets do you have those are still

figured in but

along with that where you live your


how many other people like you and your

location have had

automobile accidents what is the loss


for that particular zip code that you're


included and very very important to

insurance nowadays

is credit somehow insurance

companies have created an algorithm that

can show

and it's been held up through court that

people that have

lower credit scores are more likely to


accidents this is

a situation that many people ask me

why do they do that how can they do that

my answer to you is it's been upheld in

the courts

the insurance companies have proven that

their algorithm

does rate and the insurance


have allowed this so be aware that when

you go

shopping for car insurance that you need

to know

how the calculations are made that

determine your premium which

include h whether you're a man or a


your zip code the car that you're

driving how many cars are on your policy

if you also have other policies with

that company if you can bundle them

and your credit score among

other things so always go shopping

this has been melissa morley with all


insurance today we've been discussing


car insurance premiums are calculated