5 Things You NEED To Know About Dating A Capricorn

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talk about the five things you need to

know about dating a Capricorn okay so

the first thing you need to know about

dating a Capricorn is that they are very

ambitious and money motivated okay so

this is really one of the main things

about dating a Capricorn is that they

really value money they value their

goals so in that sense they are very

ambitious they are very goal-oriented

Capricorn's are the type to always

follow the money and that's high

priority for them so when you date them

you just have to keep in mind that

they're always gonna prioritize work

they're gonna prioritize their ambitions

their goals they're not the type to just

get lost in romance you know they're not

the type to like just get lost in some

bling they're really gonna prioritize

their goals first and they might even

just be a workaholic

and the great part of this is the fact

that that capricorns they really will

like financially provide for you if they

really love you they're all about

security stability they're kind of like

tourists in that sense so when they are

you know dating you or they're investing

time in you they're gonna really

financially support you they might

financially provide for you but that's

just kind of like their love language

they're all about money they're all

about gaining success in some way so

that's kind of how they will show their

love is kind of support you financially

ladies if you're watching this you might

want to get you a Capricorn man because

they definitely will pay your bill okay

so the second thing you need to know


a Capricorn is that they are very

conservative and traditional okay so

when it comes to capricorns um their

view on love and dating and stuff is

very traditional they believe in

traditional dates they believe in

traditional roles in a relationship they

can be very conservative they're not

about you know trying to change the

dating narrative in any way they just

want to follow the archetype of dating

so if you're dating one expect for them

like if you're dating a Capricorn guy

he's gonna pay for dinner he's gonna

open the doors he's gonna be a gentleman

because they are very traditional

they are very conservative and they

expect the woman to kind of play that

role too they wanna you know feminine

women and they want to be masculine

themselves because naturally capricorns

carry a lot of masculine energy and

really with the sense of tradition they

are very marriage minded so keep in mind

when you're dating them they don't just

date very superficially they really are

marriage-minded type of people and if

they invest their time into you it's for

the long-term and they invest time into

you in a very seriously and they really

are more so focused on monogamy in that

sense and really quickly before I move

on to the next point which is really

important um

if my capricorns are watching this or if

you're dating a Capricorn go ahead and

comment down below let me know there are

some emojis if my capricorns are

watching this okay so the third thing

you need to know about dating a

Capricorn is that they are all about

building a family okay so with

capricorns I kind of mentioned this in

my second point about them being very

traditional and conservative when it

comes to dating and romance they're all

about marriage they're all about

building a family especially as it

pertains to the long term so capricorns

in general they're the type of people to

really plan very far in the future so

when it comes to dating they have that

in mind they have a plan of the family

they want to have a plan of when they'll

get married um so when they date you

it's a it's a very serious thing for

Capricorn they don't just date very

casually so if they want to be in a

serious relationship with you expect

that they probably might want to marry

you in the family because that's how

they think they want to build a family

they want to build status with their

family they want to build with marriage

so they're very marriage minded in that

sense and they're all

about building a family and then on top

of that they might be close with their

family or their close with like their

mother so expect like if you're dating

one that you have to be very close with

their family as well or at least get

their family to like you because that's

what matters to a Capricorn and if their

family doesn't like you then they

probably won't continue to date you and

then the last thing I will add about

this point is that human mind especially

if you date a Capricorn man that they um

they're looking for a woman to be a good

mother and I know that seems kind of

like a huge jump but like I said

capricorns are all about thinking in the

future so if you're dating one they're

probably gonna see if you'll make a good

mother and if they think that you'll

make a good mother then they're more

likely to continue to date you and maybe

even marry you one day okay so the

fourth thing you need to know about

dating a Capricorn is that they can seem

emotionally unavailable okay so what

everybody this and this is such a

Capricorn cliched everyone knows that

Capricorn seemed kind of seemed cold

they seemed kind of rigid and serious so

if you're dating one um

don't really expect for them to be super

cushy and lovey-dovey they might

eventually get to that point with you

but at first they're not about that

they're not about like you know this

fluffy type of emotional romance they're

all about business they're all about

their money they're all about this

serious realistic aspect of life so when

they're dating you expect that same

energy they're not gonna be super

douchey and they might not even express

their emotions well either they might

have like this brick wall between you

and them and they might not express

their emotions really easily but like I

said earlier with my first point about

them being money motivated um money is

kind of like their love language so even

though they're not emotionally super you

know receptive or expressive um the way

they might express their love or

emotions is with money so they might

just pay a wrench and that's them saying

I love you you know that's them

expressing their emotions so expect more

so you know expression of emotion

through money or gifts with them okay so

the fifth and final thing you need to

know about dating a Capricorn is that

they are very

dependable and realistic so like I've

been saying throughout this video

Capricorn's are very realistic they look

very much in the future and they're all

about schedules and planning and

building status and being ambitious so

when it comes to dating them they are

very realistic they're dependable if you

need something more a Capricorn they got

you especially financially so um just

keep that in mind and also they're very

kind of serious so when it comes to

romance they might not be super like

gushy or emotional they might just be

more realistic they're gonna be like

that realistic partner if you're the

type to be very creative and idealistic

they're the type to be more serious more

ambitious more goal-oriented that's

really the great thing with dating them

especially if you're more on the

creative side or you're more on the

idealistic side like maybe if you're a

Pisces Cabernet is gonna be that

dependable you know serious ambitious

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