Capricorn in Astrology: What are Capricorns like?

hi guys today we're going to talk about

the Capricorn the Sun sign the rising

sign and the moon sign and I'm going to

do the talking and you can do the

commenting and I'm going to reply to

your comments so Capricorn my dear

friend I've got a lot of capricorn

friends why is that because I admire

them and I can't say that about a lot of

people Capricorn is the professional the


of the zodiac professionist in all

senses so they are more career

orientated than anyone else why is that

because they roll career they rule the

10th house which is your chosen path in

life public life as well and your

perception about your mom but that's a

totally different discussion let me tell

you about Capricorn you are a feminine

sign an earth sign and a cardinal one

being a cardinal sign that means you

lead how you lead is I can't say the

best way because there are countless

ways in which to lead but you are you

offer guidance to the people that you

lead in a certain direction so if you're

a manager and you will probably be a

manager at one point in your life um you

will look after the ones in the people

in your team and you will guide them in

the right directions and you will help

them grow just like a parent why do I

say parent because Capricorn in general

rules fatherhood

um and I hate to say it but patriarchy

to a certain extent I hate this world

this word oh you might oh you might all

know why that is but moving on um Saturn

is your ruling planet Capricorn um that

means that you are a very methodical you

are patient Capricorn's are ruled by

Saturn Saturn is the planet of patience

Saturn is the planet that um sets puts

together rules and laws and you might

find yourself as a Capricorn having to

deal with rules and regulations and

structure all the time you're a very

disciplined person because that's how

you grew up you might have and this

tends to happen to capricorns when they

are young you might have been

responsible for a lot of things from a

very early age you had to grow up much a

much much faster than your friends your

peers everyone around you um and that's

kind of hardened to you a bit but not in

a bad sense in the sense that you know

it takes discipline to achieve your

goals people need to take responsibility

and be held accountable for what they do

and you know that very well

that's what makes you an extraordinary

leader you tend to climb the ladder just

like the mountain goat which is your

symbol um slowly patiently but surely

and I'm gonna say always although it

might sound like a bit of a stretch but

capricorns always make it to the top one

way or the other they are born to climb

and they know that their entire life is

a journey from a physical point of view


rules the knees teeth and bones you've

got a very nice bone structure your

bones are really good your calcium

levels are really good in general um

Capricorn people tend to be uh quite

skinny Oh which is always

always but in general it's a plus

because you don't have to worry about

eating too much you don't have to worry

about putting on weight and the like for

instance your sign at the opposite pole

cancer which is an emotional eater so

you are quite lucky about that but on

the others on the other hand capricorns

are very good at disciplining themselves

so if you set your mind to sticking to a

diet or anything in general you do it

because you know this is the way it has

to be um

there's always a lot of it feels like

there's a lot of pressure on you - my

dear Capricorn friend uh and it might

seem like it's from the outside but it's

actually coming from the inside you

don't you don't cope well with failure

and when you do happen to fail to a

certain extent that doesn't mean that

you're a failure at all in general but

when you make mistakes

um you become very depressed and you

take it personally and you mull over it

you obsess over it you don't do failure

well and I get that because you plan

every single step and failure is not an

option for you Capricorn's uh tend to

live a lot why is that because of Saturn

Saturn is in mythology Father Time and

they also look after themselves they

know they've got just one body and they

need to take care of it if they want to

stick around for years unlike for

instance uh other fire signs such as not

other fire signs in general such as

Aries who lives in the moment whereas

Capricorn has planned has mapped out

about 10 years worth of their lives

careers for capricorns anything you can

do anything you set your mind to it

because you are so disciplined and when

you when you set a goal for yourself you

are flexible obviously you aren't you

really are um but you are gonna work

hard and do all that it takes to get


Capricorn's are one of the most reliable

sign of the zodiac along with

Leo and Aries an Aquarius to a certain

extent Aquarius is quirky but they're

still a fixed sign Capricorn being an

earth sign knows how the world works and

some people might accuse you of being

too interested in money

you're an earth sign at the end of the

day but isn't money what gives you power

you get that very well and you want to

amass as much money as possible because

it offers you security and we're more

often than not you find yourself in a

position where other people's security

depends on you more responsibility

you've got you don't have the easiest

life I've got to say I'm sorry for you

unlike Sagittarius the sign before you

could Sagittarians are simply lucky

that's that's who they are they're

positive they're lucky they're

optimistic they're ruled by Jupiter so

things come easily to them whereas you

my friend you have to work for every

single bit of it but you're the best at

it there you go

this is Capricorn please don't forget to

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know there are quite a few things that I

haven't mentioned such as love

I haven't mentioned that on purpose

Capricorn is not an overly emotional

sign and you don't do overt display of

emotions but you can be very passionate

and you can become the best even at

loving someone because that's how you do

you learn step by step and then you're

like here um you get along very well

with other earth signs let me know guys

if there is anything else that you're

interested in Capricorn is okay I'll see

you next time don't forget to comment