Capricorn in Relationships & in Bed


hi everyone I'm Maria DeSimone your

astrologer here at Tarot calm and I want

to talk to you about what Capricorn is

like in a relationship although this

sign is slow to warm up once he or she

is in a relationship you can be sure

that Capricorn is invested in you

now Capricorn can be a little bit more

strategic than romantic but if you're

looking for someone to rely on this is

your guy or gal believe it or not

Capricorn has an amazing sense of humor

you would not expect it but it's true

and that is always gonna help you feel

happier in the relationship Capricorn

will make you feel respected and that's

important because love without respect

is kind of meaningless Capricorn is also

really disciplined and responsible so

you know you can rely on this sign

Capricorn will support you in all of

your endeavors and that's important

finally Capricorn is surprisingly sweet

this sign can be authoritative and can

sometimes even be a control freak

Capricorn has this stiff-upper-lip vibe

and can be a little bit guarded and that

can be off-putting Capital can also be

really opportunistic so you might feel

used or you might feel like he or she is

trying to use someone in your life to

get ahead and finally sometimes

Capricorn tends to look at the gloomy

side of things rather than the lighter

side of things

in bed Capricorn is earthy and lusty

don't forget this is an earth sign so

physical pleasures are important here

but with Capricorn you're gonna take it


this sign does not like any PDA but you

can be certain that in private anything


Capricorn if you're in a relationship be

in a relationship don't try to be the

manager of the relationship don't play

mommy or daddy if you're in a

relationship understand you're a partner

okay and stop assuming the worst that's

just a buzzkill for romance all around

here's some advice for anyone who's in a

relationship with Capricorn be patient

remember they need to feel respected and

they're gonna be a little bit slow to

warm up but as long as you show your

admiration and respect you're gonna get

there with Capricorn compliment this

sign on their accomplishments and above

all support their ambitions and then

you'll have true love for a very long

time to come now that you know what

Capricorn is like in relationships be

sure to watch more astrology videos with

me right here at Tarot calm