Capricorn In Bedroom Reboot

hi guys it's your girl Jilly we are

moving on to Capricorn and the bedroom

reboot and I remember this will not

resonate with every single Capricorn

this video pertains more towards the

Venus capricorns and the Mars Capricorn

so remember that the Sun sign has little

to nothing to do with sex because Venus

placements have to do with what were

physically attracted to and what we take

pleasure in Mars placements is our

sexual style our sex drive and how we

take action now let's go ahead and get

started now if you thought this is gonna

be another video saying how capricorns

are boring no honey you're on the wrong

channel so keep it moving but I am gonna

approach the stigma in the beginning of

the video to show you the real freaks

that Capricorn are so make sure you

listen to a stigma first before you skip

this section so you can appreciate the

freakiness I'm going to bring about

later in the video

now Capricorn is known to be very

controlled very disciplined all about

their work above anything else they're

all about their goals that may be true

however when they're ready to get down

to business you better be prepared for

this closet freak this is the perfect

definition of lady or gentleman in the

streets but a freak in the sheets

now the Capricorn is all about being

picky with who they sleep with this is

not the type of person who's going to

sleep with you because you're hot don't

get me wrong now

Capricorn's want you to be physically

attractive they want to be physically

attracted to you so they won't have sex

with you if you're not meeting that

requirement however this is not what's

gonna drive them you have to have

intelligence so you have to be an equal

amount of looks and brain and then

they're gonna start thinking about you

freaky deaky so just keep that in mind

now in the beginning now Capricorn

please don't get offended I promise you

I'm gonna make this spit in your favor

in the beginning a Venus or Mars and


it's gonna be very vanilla during sex

there's not gonna be a lot of

experimentation not a lot of freaky

Deaconess none of that because they have

to form a bond of trust with you and

really understand if they're going to

commit to you first but once they do you

are gonna see that this particular sign

is not just a boss in the real world

they're a boss in the bedroom so they

like to dominate don't get me wrong I

kept record female or male will let you

get on top every now and then but you're

gonna have to succumb to them eventually

because they like to be in control they

have no problem telling you what they

want no problem and they expect you to

do it because they like control they

want to control every aspect of sex this

is the type of sign that plans things

and they they could be fantasizing you

about holiday like man might do this to

him I'm gonna do that to her we're gonna

do that they have all this plan in their

head so they're building up their sexual

tension so once they get there be

prepared to be I don't want to use that

word as a very strong word let's just

say dominate they are all about BDSM

guys they will tie you up

they will blindfold you they will go

into extremes and gag you when they're

having sex and because they're all about

the perfection of sex is they're they're

perfectionist guys so when it comes to

the final part of sex orgasm is there's

no option an orgasm has to be achieved

both sides now not gonna generalize men

too much but I'm gonna say nine times

out of 10 men will always get their

orgasm you know I mean and females they

don't always get their orgasm not with

old Capricorn female though she ain't

gonna let you stop having sex with her

until she gets an orgasm so if you came

you better prefer to do some mouth work

or some hand work because

she's gonna get hers just sayin and

she's got no problem telling you that

you did not satisfy her so this is a

very intimidating sign in the bedroom a

Capricorn male if there's a heterosexual

relationship he's going to make sure

that his partner orgasm because orgasm

is a big deal it's kind of like how they

take their work ethic once they start a

project they want to make sure they

finish it to the end and perfectly so

that's how they see sex they also are

very sensual they're not somebody who

likes to rush sex so if you're somebody

who likes to rush the act of sex like

Mars or Venus in Aries it's gonna turn

off Capricorn and they're not gonna want

to have sex with you anymore

they like to take their time to see how

your body reacts to see how you taste to

see how you smell how you whimper they

like to savor all of that they're a very

sensual Cynon even though they like that

they don't really like a lot of talking

during sex moaning is great whimpering

is great having a conversation during

sex is not great aka Mars and Gemini I'm

throwing my sign under the best my Mars

isn't in Gemini but I am a Gemini Sun

and Gemini Venus but just saying that's

not their Forte you can moan and groan

all you want just don't have a


they might even gag you and you talked a

little bit too much during sex now

because they're all about being dominant

in the bedroom they'll take it outside

of the bedroom so if they want you out

in public you better be prepared for

that I have mentioned this in a previous

video it's not a buff Capricorn to be in

an elevator with you lift up your skirt

and give you a quick lick before the

door opens that's just how they are

or or unzip your pants and give you a

quick lick in the elevator they can be

as controlled as they are they're a

cardinal sign so they're all about

taking action so if they want to do

something they're gonna do it now

another thing about

Capricorn that you have to respect is

that they're so disciplined this is not

the type of sign who's gonna go out and

have sex with whoever they want or now

whoever they want whoever comes their

way even though they could be thinking

about sex all the time they can go with

months without sex because they do not

allow sex to manipulate them so men and

with our your honor the best just a

little bit just a little bit

most men are moved by what they see

visually and they can be easily

manipulated because of the way a woman

looks and how she's flirty and she could

just like some temp men can't tell that

a Capricorn man can especially a

Capricorn man and Mars or Venus who's

very disciplined can tell when a woman

is trying to manipulate him sexually

Capricorn men are not manipulated this

way or Capricorn women so you got a

respect to sign who can't be manipulated

by sex but really enjoy sex and is

really freaky deaky when he gets there

or she gets there just want to put that

out there another note is because there

are cardinal sign this sign is usually

the one who initiates the sex this is

the one who is the initiator so if

you're not somebody who likes to

initiate sex but like sex then it Mars

or Venus Capricorn male or female might

be the one for you now I hope you guys

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