Why Capricorn Men & Capricorn Women Are So Good In Bed [Capricorn & Sex]

sex with a Capricorn can pretty much be

some of the best sex of your life

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I am a Capricorn so with that being said

let's get into the video why Capricorn

men and women are so gone good in bed

well if you've had sex with a kappa : or

if you're a Capricorn you know what I'm

talking about

Capricorn's are located very sexual

beings they're very sexual sign men and

women um they can be actually going to

pervert it sometimes um

Here I am spilling all my guts you know

what I'm saying in all my my skeletons

and all my mighty but actually don't

mind because I'm a Libra moon so I'm

really sociable and confident so yeah um

you know capricorns are like very sexual

beings they're very sexual sign they

enjoy sex state but they aren't

necessarily always acting on the

those feelings that they have but they

definitely do have those thoughts they

definitely do have those feelings

towards the opposite sex or the same sex

for me it would be the same sex

obviously if you couldn't tell by

watching this video already um or if you

haven't just been watching me for the

past few months or years or whatever um

you know capital is a very sexual sign

it is and you know it sometimes

capricorns can have like stalks about

the same sex you know what I'm saying

like they could be straight but they

could have like sexual thoughts about

the same sex

if Kaplan's are just low-key freak like

you know anything we just saw we're just

freaks okay and we enjoy sex and you

know what the reason why is because sex

is like a great stress reliever you know

Capricorn's tend to get like very wound

up and you know I'm saying I'm tight you

know and like stress about stuff because

they have so much to worry about that to

worry about work and finances have

enough money each month to pay the bills

and also having enough money each month

to you know leftover to spend you know

on what or whatever it is they want and

they may have other goals and ventures

side hobbies that they're doing that

they want to you know see through as

well and you know they also have friends

that they have to hang out with you know

and keep up with like there's so much a

Caprican has to deal with that sometimes

it's like a capital and just need to

release and you know what what healthier

way to to have that release of event sex

you know like the bedroom is the place

where capricorn can really be him or

herself you know

like typically in the bedroom you'll

find like a different side of your

Capricorn you know or just have a

Capricorn in general you know like they

become very dominant Capricorn is very

dominant in general they're cardinal

sign or all cardinal signs usually are

very dominant called the cardinal signs

or Capricorn Libra cancer and area so

our little cancer isn't

always so dominated kind of a very

pacified as well but nonetheless cancer

don't definitely have dominant qualities

to them you know but Capricorn likes to

have that control in the bedroom he

looks like to have that control they

like to have that connection with

someone as well a Capricorn needs that

connection with at least one person and

it doesn't always have to necessarily

even be like a committed connection like

you know we're committing to one another

like we're we're boyfriend and

girlfriend now or we're boyfriend and

boyfriend a girlfriend and girlfriend

that or whatever you know like sometimes

it can just be like having a friend that

they're really close with that they

sometimes will go boys'll every time one

day because I look like app that's not

uncommon for a Capricorn to have that

situation because the Capitol meets that

release they just do you know it's a

part of their makeup they need that




it's super early in the morning and it

just rained and for the budget like

chirping it seems really beautiful in

airplanes we live next door or not next

to but we live near an airport with a

pretty blonde on it anyway um

Capricorn's are freaks they ensure that

release that sexual release they made

that connection with someone that sexual

connection alone one thing that doesn't

have to be like a love connection you

know I'm saying like it doesn't always

have to be a love connection you know I

mean it does help definitely have that

openness with the person of you know

being able to be open with one's

feelings about you know their day-to-day

you know should that a good day to go

through like you know like Capricorn

isn't I mean they can be the type of

people that are like Lambay and thank

you ma'am okay I'm done look you're on

no doubt you know I'm leaving but they

also like that emotional like connection

with people you know I'm saying that

like they need that emotional connection

as well as the sexual connection so if

they can find that and change it with

the person and have that they will ride

that bike connection to the ground the

grave man like like a capital to be in a

relationship with someone but they don't

want to lose that connection with that

person that they you know it's like that

sexual and emotional connection you know

like you could be in a relationship with

someone else but it's like but I don't

want to lose my connection with this

person over here because what we have is

really special and I don't know what

future holds with me and you so if me

and you break up at least I know I still

have this person so I can't let this

person go I just can't like have Accord

sometimes have those people like they

can sometimes have trouble with this

like we're slipping can't really let go

of them because we find

Kaplan doesn't want to break those

connections you know also like when you

like get a Caprica linen bag like right

that's like a really good insight into a

Capricorn like that shows you a lot

about that Capital IQ deficit obviously

you see that person in a different light

you know after you have sex with them

but like with a capital specifically but

like I feel like you know after like

having sex with a cop courney somehow

like I totally look at them differently

or Wow

like I totally see them differently like

like maybe you think like capricorns

like boring and like you know

unemotional and you know has no sense of

self-awareness you know and like there's

no sexual energy at all but once you get

them in bad you know and once you take

off their clothes and allow them to be

open and like comfortable whoo like it's

like Capricorn just lets loose you know

like any capital and just let loose

Appling gives no outs one once you know

once the clothes are off all bets over

when it comes to a Capricorn and get a

few drinks in a Capricorn or a few

puff-puff passes Oh Lord if that's your

thing you know it's not everyone's thank



over sex can definitely no give way


no but drunk sex is fun sometimes - all


no you know I don't drink that much so

I'm really never being on this hmm

I'm not - drinking - I do like some wine

but even that oh my good I'll take one

glass you know the most I'll do is smoke

weed you know I know that's not

everyone's saying but I know we stopped

that bad you know coming you know some

people think it's bad but compared to

other stuff out there drop out but this

is becoming a totally different video at

this point so but it all ties in

together because I mean those types of

situations usually can lead to sex right

so it's not uncommon for you Capricorn

to you know not enjoy a few glasses of

wine or you know Hennessy tequila vodka

like whatever you know Jameson's like

whatever your thing is you know sir ops

like you know Merlot like Pinot Grigio

like whatever you're thinking what do

you think is like smoking marijuana you

know like you know Capricorn is not like

you know

I know a lot of Capricorn said yeah

anyway and I know a lot of Catholic ones

that like sex as a matter of fact all

capric ones that I know like set or very


you know like whether they know it or

not like they're just like their sexual

they can be perverted sometimes it's you

know they can have some amount all the

time when you have a corn it's the type

of thing that would be willing to do it

whenever wherever like you know in the

woods in the car at the beach in the

shower at work if they could like you

know topic one is a low-key freak I'm

telling you how easy they are it can

sometimes be like overwhelming for

people at times like like the people who

don't like who are so don't know the

Catholics on that well it's someone who

like for people who kind of just jump

into bed with Capricorn like you know a

little bit fast you don't think well

capitalized like I didn't expect all

that I didn't expect you the you know be

like this you know


Oh give you guys watch the TV show

shameless a topical is almost like the

mom I can't think of the names but the

mom Sheila Sheila

they're like Sheila you know she was

like super conservative like you know

like you know on a day-to-day basis but

when you get Sheila in the bedroom like

Sheila becomes a totally different

person like that kind of Capricorn but

the level of freak like she was pretty

freaky like she was pretty out there

you know thing but the level of freak

very fun Capricorn to happen for cans

again you can't really like it's hard to

really sell with a Capricorn

you just couldn't have to find out for

yourself what their level is you know

what they'll let you know once again

ever they're very dominant time so

they're going to let you know when

you're crossing their boundaries you

know and on the flip side you're gonna

have to let them know when they're

crossing you your boundaries because

that can definitely tend to happen in

the bedroom as well you know does they

like to try new things they like to see

you know what what what you like you

know anything what your boundaries are

you know so I'm going to be so very

sexually a very very sexual finding

ruled by Saturn you know once again

siding is a little bit it induces stress

on half of them you know what's the best

relieve push shut sex you know

you know Saturn instills stress and

discipline and hard work and hard work

ethic and all work no play into

Capricorn it like every now and then

kappa porn like it's really wound up and

it's like i need to release you know

what I'm saying like I need a release


distressful do so yeah sure yeah one

second I would much rather do it with

someone who's like whether it's like a

sexual connection because also an

emotional connection so if they

committed obviously their partner or if

they're single but just someone they

have that connection with a burglar

could have someone in their black box or

they've had you know that type of

connection with for decades

you know Kaplan could have multiple

people with one person you know doesn't

want to do it okay open up God go to the

next triple like but Capricorn is always

still you know adding to his or her

black black book list of forget people

you know and they don't like to break

those connections like but they well

breaking but they have to like if it no

longer serves them like you know they'd

grown and evolved past that person like

they will break the connection with you

and they'll find someone else so you

know replace you as harsh as that sound

that sounds really harsh but you know

just stay on your a-game with the cop

courney and I just say on your a-game

you have to realize at the end of the

day - no it's not all about sex

you know while it may seem like it is

it's not you know I mean it would

definitely benefit you to foster that

emotional side of the connection as well

as the sexual knowing when to foster

which like sometimes you definitely just

throw it foster the emotional side more

more so than

so you can build that up like you don't

think you know Capricorn

just enjoy sexual energy Capricorn's

enjoy sexual integers they're kind of

like Scorpio in that way um or Scorpio

is just a very sexual science cookies

and really sexual energy as well so

aquaporins y'all are freaks I'm just

kidding lemons I'm a freak too and I

guess I kinda am I'm not going to lie um

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