What Chad Wild Clay Is Like OFF CAMERA.. (VERY SAD)

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you go to sleep hey guys adventure here

and in this video we'll be taking a look

at what chad wild clay is like

off camera make sure you watch the video

to the end to see what chad wild clay is

really like in real life when he's not

recording videos

trust me what he does at the end will

blow your mind so make sure you don't

miss out on that first we've got chad

wild clay's meetup going wrong so chad

and v were having a meet up with their

fans one day at vidcon hundreds of fans

came to meet chad and we're waiting

hours just to see him finally chad came

out with v and all of his fans started

to go crazy because they were finally

seeing their favorite youtuber things

were going pretty good at first but then

spy ninjas ended up coming out of

nowhere and attacking chad while he was

meeting with his fans things ended up

going wrong here so make sure you keep

watching to find out what happened








so after this the ninjas attacked chad

they must have followed him from his

house all the way to vidcon which is

pretty insane

luckily chad was able to fight them off

and they ended up running away this was

pretty crazy and after this chad

continued to meet with his fans which

was really good of him i'm sure that all

of chad's fans are really scared when

they saw this happen but i'm glad that

he's okay and didn't end up getting hurt

by the spy ninja let's check out chad

fighting with these spy ninjas at his

meet up at vidcon is that fizzy four


or pg9

watch the video until the end for 48

hours of good luck next we've got chad

meeting one of his biggest fans and then

this fan crying as well which is very

sad so chad ended up going to a youtube

event one day called vidcon

at this event there was a backstage area

and there was a little boy there who was

a huge fan of chad his parents ended up

taking him to chat and this boy was so

excited he was wearing chad's merch and

was even watching his videos as well so

that's how you know this kid was a big

fan of him this kid then ended up crying

because he couldn't believe he was

finally seeing his favorite youtuber in


keep watching though because after this

chad ends up doing something with this

boy which you won't believe so make sure

you don't miss out on

god that watching your videos right now

because of the shirt i love that shirt

oh my god

don't cry

so after this the boy was still so

shocked and couldn't believe he was with

chad they tried taking a picture

together but he was still crying chad

then said that he would give him some

time to feel better and that they didn't

have to rush this just shows us that

chad is an awesome guy who really loves

all of his fans which is so awesome to


this kid went all the way from new york

to las vegas just to meet chad which was

a very long drive for him and his family

overall this was just a super emotional

moment which shows us what chad wild

clay is like off camera

let's check it out


they live in vegas you guys are gonna go

to vegas yeah

he's like he's got a safe house in vegas

yeah yeah

we sure do you guys you gotta go see the


the rockstar pyramid we only we'll be

there tonight

and then we'll come back tomorrow ready

for your photo

yes next we've actually got chad wild

clay meeting other youtubers so there's

actually a family of youtubers who

upload a lot of vlogs and challenge

videos to their channel the kids from

this family are actually huge fans of

chat and v so when they saw him one day

at a youtube event they were super


they went to meet chat and be with their

mum and things end up getting pretty

crazy this clip shows us how chad is

when he meets other youtubers you won't

believe how he acts so make sure you

keep watching to find out

the girls just spotted chad and b

another group of youtubers that they

really love and they're so excited to

get to meet them so they

dashed over here super quickly

i've seen all your videos too so chad

and bee was super nice to this family

they were treating them very nice and

giving them time to take photos and ask

them questions which was very cool of

them to do

you can tell that chad treats these

youtubers the same way he treats

everyone else which shows he's a super

fair person in real life the kids then

ended up saying something right after

this as well about their experience with

meeting chad what they end up saying

would literally blow your mind so make

sure you don't miss out on that

so how cool was it meeting chad and v

it's super cool

what'd you tell them um

next we've got chad meeting a guy named

felix so felix is a vlogger on youtube

who literally meets chatham v

every single year at vidcon this one he

went ended up finding them and recording

his experience the crazy thing about

this is that chad and v remember who

felix is chad and v probably meet

thousands of people at these events so

the fact that they remember felix was so

awesome to see

you can tell that chad was pretty happy

to see felix as well which just shows us

that he's an amazing guy let's check it


hey what's up guys welcome to today's

video my name is felix and i'm right

here with

v and chad wild clay we see felix every

year he's always here

like i said i was here yesterday and my

wife told me if i

ran into you guys and i was like no and

i was like kind of bummed out

so i'm happy that's how you guys right

now it was an awesome day


it wouldn't be

next we've got two kids who are massive

fans of chad meeting him in person so

this was at another youtube event and

these kids had woke up super early in

the morning just to go to this event

they were super tired and actually end

up having to wait hours and hours in

line just to meet chad this is because

there were hundreds of people ahead of

them in line when they finally end up

meeting chad things end up getting a

little crazy so make sure you keep

watching to see what ends up happening

okay you guys vidcon day three

in line for your meet and greet to meet

chad and v

are you guys excited thumbs up

thumbs down you guys excited tired


meet and greet hall line two


so after this the kids finally get to

the front of the line they're literally

speechless since they're standing next

to their favorite youtubers these kids

end up taking pictures with chad and v

and also have small conversations with

them as well

overall it definitely looked like this

was worth the hours of waiting in that

line and waking up super early

let's check it out


anyway guys that's it for what chad wild

clay is like off camera from watching

these clips we can see that chad is the

amazing and nice person that he is in

his videos in real life if you enjoyed

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been adventure