Caisson technology in the construction of port infrastructures

with more than 100 years experience in

the construction of port infrastructures

avianna infrastructure das now leads the

sector thanks to the development of a

series of proprietary technologies that

boost the company's commitment to the

environment and Prevention of accidents

as well as industrializing the

construction process thanks to its

versatility resistance and durability

the company's caisson technology has

become the most innovative method for

tackling a harbour construction project

the range of design possibilities

offered by this technology means that

these structural elements have a number

of possible configurations not just in

vertical quays or docks they can also be

part of sea containers offshore

foundations mooring dolphins and

offshore station furthermore caisson

technology instead of the breakwater

option means that a mixed solution can

be applied involving the construction of

a dock and Quay at the same time

basically a caisson is a concrete and

steel structure with an enormous range

of configurations that give rigidity and

stability to any marine structure accion

Oscar Gaeta is the biggest case on

building floating dock in Europe using

proprietary technology it has built the

biggest reinforced concrete case on in

the world sixty six point five meters


twenty-four point six meters wide and 34

meters high the first step in the

construction of a caisson is the

introduction of a raft with steel rods

to reinforce the floor of the caisson

building duck after the pouring and

setting of the concrete of the floor the

structure that suspends the formwork is

lowered and the formwork is coupled up

as it slides down and the concrete is

poured the finished part of the caisson

is submerged in the water

the formwork is removed after the

construction of the caisson

leaving it ready for the launch

the loading of rock fill four

foundations where the caissons will be

anchored and supported is done with


once the bedding layer is completed the

tugs take the new caisson and anchor it

by ballasting itself leaving it stable

and ready for building the

superstructure of the future quay or

dock one of the main reasons why this

case on technology is state-of-the-art

worldwide is the reduction in

construction time up to 200 meters of

dock can be built per month this is also

much safer for workers than traditional

methods because work is done on the

floating dock itself as a kind of

floating factory in which safety

measures are much easier to implement

and supervise

the environmental cost is another reason

why this technology is so highly

recommended as it involves a major

reduction in the consumption of natural

resources and the need for heavy vehicle

traffic is consequently much lower this

definitively eliminates large quantities

of co2 and lowers noise levels in

addition to avoiding on-site congestion

and potential traffic accident another

logistical advantage provided by the

system is the possibility of

manufacturing the caissons and joining

them up in a different place to their

final position so that when they are

about to enter service they are floated

and pulled to their definitive place by

tugs this avoids problems of on-site

space and means a lower impact on the


Athena owns three case on building

floating dock that can undertake marine

structure projects anywhere in the world

the Belaya the smallest of the three is

a versatile solution that is easy to

transport it can produce caissons 26

metres long 17 metres wide and 18 metres

high the Coogee de which holds the world

record for the construction of the

biggest reinforced concrete caisson in

the world can manufacture caissons 67

metres long 32 metres wide and 34 metres

high the company's most recent

acquisition using the latest technology

also completely designed and constructed

by a fiona is the Kouga - capable of

producing caissons 57 meters long 26

metres wide and 30 metres high

this capacity added to the know-how that

accion a-- has acquired over the years

makes it the ideal company to undertake

any project of this type efficiently

safely and in a way that cares for the