Pregnancy Pillow Positioning Techniques

I'm going to show you some pillow positioning techniques that might help you sleep more

easily while pregnant. So, first you're going to need numerous pillows. I like five, if

you're going to hit all the different positions. So, of course you'll need one under your head,

here. If you're a curvier person, and have a really thin waist here, then it might be

more comfortable for you, to put one actually underneath that curve of your waist to help

support you there. Another pillow might be more comfortable underneath your stomach,

depending on how large your stomach is. And then putting pillows between your knees, here,

can be helpful. So that would be four pillows there, depending on your comfort level. If

keeping both knees bent isn't comfortable for you, and you're having sciatic nerve problems,

one thing you can try is to straighten your bottom leg, get one more pillow to stack on

top there, and bend only your top leg. So the bottom leg will stay straight and the

top leg will be bent, which is more comfortable sometimes if you're having sciatic nerve problems,

than keeping both knees bent. So this is one way to do it, you don't necessarily need all

these pillows but, just depending on your personal body type, these are all the different

options. If you don't want to have five pillows in bed with you, the Snoogle pillow, is one

of the brands, probably some other brands out there. This, this, it's a long, curvy pillow,

that you can use to kind of wrap around your body. So you can either have it wrap around

the front. So underneath your head, between your knees, and underneath your belly, to

help support that extra weight in front there. That's one way. Or, if you like to lean back

a little bit while you're sleeping, but still stay mostly on your side, you can put the

Snoogle behind you. Still coming between your legs, and underneath your stomach. Wrapping

around so it comes underneath your head, but now you have a pillow on your back, too. So

if you wanted to lean back a little bit, now I have some support on my back, between my

knees, and under my stomach still. So this is kind of a nice option if you don't want

to be messing with multiple pillows at once.