Coop Home Goods Body Pillow - Do You Need Full Body Support?


Sarah: Hey guys.

It's Sarah from Sleepopolis.

Today, I'll be reviewing the Coop Home Goods Body pillow.

Body pillows are among my favorite sleep accessories.

I'm going to thoroughly test this one to see if it's good for more than just hugging.

First, let's see what it's made of.


Sarah: The cover fabric of this pillow is made from a blend of polyester and rayon derived

from bamboo.

It feels super soft to the touch.

It is designed to help keep you cool at night.

On one side of the pillow is a zipper so that sleepers can go in and adjust the fill to

their liking.

This pillow's filled with a blend of gel-infused memory foam and microfiber, making this pillow

breathable, shapeable, and body-conforming.

The soft, shapeable nature of this pillow allows sleepers to fold it in different ways

to achieve different levels of support.

This pillow is designed to be cool and cozy so that sleepers of every style can enjoy

the unique comfort of full-body support.

Now that we've gotten an inside look at what this pillow's made of, going to test its full

performance so we can get a better sense of which sleepers might be most compatible with

this pillow.

Let's take a look.

You can use a body pillow in all kinds of fun ways.

I'm going to start testing it in the position that I think it was intended for, as full-body


I'm just going to come right out and say it.

This is my kind of pillow.

You can probably see that it's just offering my whole body support.

I've got this nice super-huggable part up here.

I've got a nice in-between-the-legs support down here.

It's offering me great pressure relief for my lower back, giving my hips a little bit

of a prop.

There's just no denying the comfort of having a full-body pillow to embrace.

It just feels very secure and just super-comfortable, not to mention the memory foam and the microfiber


It's just got this soft, squishable nature that's really perfect for hugging, which is

ultimately, in my opinion, what a body pillow is most intended for.

Also, the cover fabric is super soft.

It's very breathable.

As I'm pressing into it, I can feel the air flowing through.

I don't feel like it's trapping my body heat, which can definitely happen with memory foam.

Also, because it's adjustable, if you want to increase the loft for your head support

or maybe decrease the loft in the middle, you totally can.

Just reach in and adjust it.

While I like it for this position the best, I'll admit, a body pillow is versatile.

If you want to try it in other positions, you totally can.

That's very comfortable.

I'm getting that nice memory-foam sink.

Honestly, I can't stop feeling the cover fabric.

It's so super soft.

I love how we've got these sides that are spanning the width of the mattress.

Just makes me again feel like I'm supported in all sides.

My posture feels really, perfectly, neutrally aligned.

I don't feel like my head is too elevated.

My neck is very supported.

The loft is actually pretty decent.

I just feel like my head is being cradled in a very cloudlike way.

Very cozy.

Not to mention, because the sides span the width of the mattress, if you want to just

roll from side to side, you totally can without even having to move the pillow.

Just try it in the lateral position.

I've actually, because the fill is adjustable, moved some of the loft to the sides so that

when I'm in the lateral position, I've got that little bit of extra support.

Try it on this side.


Body pillows are really just meant to play with and support you, really on all sides.

However, because of the lofty nature of this pillow, it might not be ideal for stomach


Let's test that out.

Right now, it is too lofty for stomach sleeping, in my opinion.

The beauty of an adjustable pillow is you can totally just reach in and remove as much

of the fill as really works for your body.

Not to mention, it's got this shapeable, body-conforming nature.

If you want to mold it, decrease the loft in certain areas, you can.

Like I said, right now, it's going to be a little bit too high.

It's putting my head and my neck out of alignment.

Like I said, you can adjust it, make it work for you.

Ultimately, I got to say, this is a very comfortable pillow.

It's versatile.

If you want to use it for back, side, stomach sleeping, that's awesome.

At the end of the day, my favorite position is going to be the nice, pillowy embrace that

a body pillow can give you.

There's all kinds of things to love about a body pillow, but there are some especially

great things about this one.

Firstly, the fill is soft and cozy, but it's also adjustable.

Sleepers can reach in and manipulate the fill in order to achieve the loft and shape of

your liking.

I love to be able to personalize my pillow as much as possible.

It's a pretty big perk for me.

Another cool thing about this pillow, which frankly I wasn't expecting, is the whole thing

is machine washable.

Just be sure to fasten the zipper with a safety clip and wash on a cold, delicate cycle.

If you fasten the zipper with a safety clip, it's going to be less likely that all the

fill's going to spill out during the wash.

Something else I love about this pillow is the cover fabric is super soft, breathable.

The blend of rayon and polyester are going to help wick away moisture as well as regulate

your body temperature.

If you're a hot sleeper like me, it's going to help keep you cool.

There are a few things about this pillow that some folks might consider to be drawbacks.

Firstly, as is often the case with new memory foam products, there's a little bit of a smell

to this pillow at first.

Don't worry.

It's completely non-toxic and should dissipate within a week.

If you want a quicker way to get rid of the smell, throw it in the dryer on the lowest

setting with a few dryer sheets.

The odor should dissipate within an hour.

Speaking of drying, while this pillow is machine washable and dryable, it takes at least three

to five hours for it to dry completely.

It's a fairly large pillow.

Like I said, you need to dry it on the lowest setting.

It's going to take a fair bit of time to dry completely.

Lastly, this pillow is designed to be soft and shapeable.

It's not going to offer a whole lot of firm support.

Sleepers who are looking for a more firmly supportive pillow might want to try it just

to make sure that they're going to be compatible with the feel and support.

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