well hello fellow gamers I'm your host

Dennis gaming and this is 15 weeks to

sleep with the body pillow I'm here and

here is my boyfriend

I mean girlfriend yeah she's a girl her

name is Becky she's a $250.00

maru 53 sexy body killer yes $253 I know

I'm rich but this 15 ways to sleep with

the body pillow from number one it

sounds really easy let's just spoon do

this it's really easy follow the

following steps first of all flip over

to the sexy side then put your right

foot like there and your left foot over

and you grab it and you just get my

number two I like to call this foot

fetish to do this

flip your body pillow around and just

cut the feet number three I like to call

this the pillows to do this place your

pillow like so and lay down number four

this is called the awkward dude to do

this just like next to one number five

it's called 69 so with this and as well

flip it over got this yep like so number

seven this is really easy all you do is

grab it and go like this like wrap it

around you this like sir

number eight is called oh no my mom's

coming you can't sleep with her to do

this one it's really easy you know like

this your mom walks in all you have to

do is

your mom will never know number 9 is

really simple it's quick a dot dot this

gets its name forward bends over go like

this this see Oh grab it like that

hey yeah like that and you go like that

see it's an a the dots come from my head

in her head this is basically doggy

style number 10 it's called the coffin

place went down like this you just jump

right onto it and lay down like this

this is also really good for when you're

going camping you don't need a mattress

when you've got a sexy body pillow

number eleven it's kind of like number

ten but you invert it it's good there's

no blanket so you just cover yourself

now you're warm twelve this is a number

that's really mess stuff so to do this

one at the bottom you should have a

zipper unzipping there should be a

pillow but instead of having this pillow

day you show you facing now that your

faces in here should suffocate and this

is called the suicide number twelve

thirteen is could the one pillow one you

usually have two pillows but now you

only have one pillow and with this one

pillow you didn't have this so where you

gonna put your head huh well that's why

I'm here to help you snap her neck like

so put your head on it

and then you just spin her number

fourteen we're gonna stick on the same

topic with this but this it's just

swiping like this you can either put

your hand around like that and sleep

number 15 it's a bit lucky last one I

saved this one because it's really

special to me this is the way I sleep

all the time

so you

grab your pillow you wrap her around

like this breaking all the neck and

vertebrates and whatever do this right

now you've got a hole you don't want to

do with this hole yeah I know what

you're thinking yeah yeah no so all you

do is just put your hands in and there

you have it this is the lucky 15 it's

good the wrap around your hand it's

really useful when you want to wrap your

hand around and yeah that's 15 ways to

sleep with the body pillow