Drink 1 Glass of this for a Week and Watch the Fat Burn


drink one glass of this for a week

and watch the fat burn when it comes to

burning fat hundreds of tried and proven

options come to mind

while that's a good thing it can also

make your weight loss journey a daunting


as it'd be hard to determine which is

the best weight loss remedy

losing weight is a hard feat to take and

it doesn't hurt to admit that you'll

need as much help as you can get

some detox drinks for weight loss can be

just what you need

in these trying times but since there

are tons of drinks we will just narrow

it down to some of the best yet natural


this way it'll be easier for you to pick

which one's for you

ingredients like acv and honey are just

some of the many familiar ingredients we

will be talking about

so stay tuned to know more about how

they can help you

number one apple cider vinegar drink

organic acids and certain enzymes are

found in apple cider vinegar that

fortifies the fat loss effects

these components work to boost the rate

of metabolism thus

triggering the process of fat burning in

the body

acv also remarkably lowers blood sugar


additional contents like fibers and high

potassium levels

aid further in weight loss how to


get one glass of water and mix two

tablespoons of organic apple cider


stir it well and drink before meal time


number two green tea according to

research green tea has flavonoids and

caffeine that are essential in boosting

the metabolism rate

insulin activity and fat oxidation

regular intake can lose as much as

2.9 pounds depending on your preference

you can brew it for shorter or longer

how to prepare heat the water until it


let it rest for at least 10 minutes put

the hot water over the green tea powder

or leaves for one minute

lastly serve it

number three raspberry and lime juice

rich in vitamin c and antioxidants lime

is great for fat loss and detoxification

it also contains vitamins b and c

boosting its weight loss effects

as for raspberries they have ketones

that work to curb calorie appetite

this natural chemical also curbs weight

accumulation brought by the intake of

fatty foods

take this drink after meals to enhance

digestion without any issues

how to prepare ideally get a half full

cup of water and add lime juice and

chopped raspberries into your blender

wait until the contents are thoroughly

pureed you can also add more water if

you want

number four ginger and lime drink

ginger carries gingerol an active

compound that helps prevent gut problems

like diarrhea gastritis and stomach


meanwhile limes are packed with vitamin

c and have antioxidant activity

regulating satiaty and body weight thus

this duo works to keep gut problems away

while aiding in fat burning

how to prepare add an inch of chopped

ginger to the blender

and put cold water to blend them pour

the concoction into a glass

add lime juice from a half a piece of

lime and a half teaspoon of cumin powder

make sure to stir well before drinking

so have you picked your winner drink a

glass of your preferred drink

every day for a week and see how much

fat you'll shed off

let us know your pick and later on your

progress too

just leave us a comment if you like the


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