Operation Ouch - How Babies Grow | Body Facts

ready to see some amazing stuff yes

we're going to show you where you began

just don't try anything you see here at

home in this lab you'll see a very

special human organ but it's not for the

squeamish today we're looking at how

babies cry right here you go Chris you

can get a nice close-up of my belly

button with that whoa I think I've

missed something why on earth would I or

anyone want to look at your belly button

I thought we were looking at how babies

grow yes but what's that got to do with

your ah hold on I see where you're going

with this

exactly because did you know that your

belly button used to be your mouth and

your bum okay

yes that's true but we still don't need

to look at your belly buttons on because

I've got something much more impressive

take a look at this whoa that is much

more impressive than my belly button

because this is a real human placenta

and umbilical cord these amazing organs

are what keep a baby alive and able to

grow inside its mouth the percentage

jobs to absorb oxygen and vital

nutrients from the mums blood and

deliver them to the baby via the

unvisible cord as well as this the

umbilical cord also carries waste

product that's we've poo and carbon

dioxide away from the baby down the

umbilical cord and through the placenta

into mums body for her to get rid of now

once you're born you don't need these

anymore which is why we have these to

show you

they've been kindly donated to us by a

month who's given birth to her baby and

she's happy for us to show them to you

which is pretty special this placenta is

absolutely amazing you know I've always

said that there's really only one thing

better than a real human placenta and

that is a double human placenta from

twins Wow

this must have been what our presenting

is like when we were inside Armour

absolutely this is also kindly being

donated by the mum of twins so what you

can see here is two placentas and two

umbilical cords after you're born the

cord gets nipped off leaving you with

your belly button but until then they

cord is your lifeline but what is a baby

look like we make actually inside its

month we're going to show and what we've

got here is a real live baby

Jean this isn't a baby this is omission

she's a grown-up

that's true thanks very much for coming

into the lab immediately

inside amelia is a real-life big girl

and ordinarily of course we couldn't

show you that maybe but we have this

ultrasound scanner so maybe are you

having a boy or a girl I'm following a

boy Amelia how many weeks pregnant are

you 29 weeks at this stage a baby's

organs are developed just here what you

can see beating is Amelia's baby's heart

Wow amazing the white things here at his

bone so that's his backbone very clearly

you can see that they're surrounding the

baby these big black patches are liquid

that's because the baby's sitting in ink

would be amniotic sac so sitting in a

big sack full of fluids a protects it

from bumps from infections at the moment

his eyes have started to work his heart

and all his organs are working normally

the one massive difference between being

inside Amelia and being out in the world

is that this little boy is breathing

entirely through umbilical cord through

his belly button but what we really want

to know is what does he look like

so we've been able to do a for the scam

4d scans provide an incredible lifelike

image of the baby inside the womb you

can see his eyes his nose and little

mouth Amelia what do you think it's

amazing she looks like that but was my

night and there's another really nice

thing here he has found another use for

his percenter this as well as giving him

all his oxygen and nutrients he's also

been using hasn't enough so I think

you've got a very resourceful young man

in there Amelia thank you so much for

letting us meet and thanks very much no

problem we've shown you the incredible

organs that keep you alive and enable

you to grow before you're born inside

your mouth the placenta and the

umbilical cord

bring nutrients and oxygen and take away

waste everything baby means

the next time you're looking at your

baby but remember it used to be your

mouth and your back and personally I

think it makes a rather good nose since

Amelia visited us she's had a baby boy

called Antonio John Oh cute

congratulations Amelia and Dad Damian