How To Conceive a Baby Girl Naturally - Successful Shettles Method Explained

hey I'm SJ and I am 14 weeks pregnant at

the moment with baby number three which

is really exciting I'm already mounted T

little boys who are six and two we

always knew we wanted three kids me and

my husband agreed that right when we met

I'm the youngest of two he's the oldest

of three we've loved having our boys so

much and when it came time to try for

baby number three we did think we might

try and skew our chances a little bit

towards having a baby girl so we're

definitely not going into it just for a

girl but I thought maybe I'd regret it

if I didn't give it a little go to do

things a little bit differently but some

thought into it and see if I could

conceive a girl so actually never loved

you blogger Lauren Hampshire told me

about the method called the shettles

method I didn't even know that there was

a hole blinking thing a hole bit the

whole scientific study about how to

conceive the sex that you want wherever

that's a girl or a boy and there is a

whole book which I then put it's called

the shettles method it's been in print

for like 40 years and it's good hard to

choose the sex of a baby and in the book

it tells you had to try for base a boy

and a girl it's quite a long book it's

very scientific so I sort of condensed

it for you I don't know if it's work for

me yet but this is kind of what we did

and what we tried apparently it is kind

of 75% successful even up to 90% is more

successful for a boy than it is for a

girl and I've kind of chat you through

how we did it and how long it took and

the tips and techniques that you need if

we're going to try for a girl so we

started trying in January and the basic

method for shettles is or the theory

behind it is scientifically proven that

boy sperm is faster but dies quicker

and female sperm is slower but lives for

longer so the whole thing about the

status method is getting to know your

own ovulation really really really well

so I should have done that earlier

because he does say to try to kind of

know between through around like six

cycles so that's six months of really

really tracking your ovulation and your

periods and this let me mine are just

really irregular especially since having

T kids I just kind of Swan ease into it

started to read the book when I was

already quite impatient and get pregnant

so if you are thinking about trying to

conceive a girl it can take longer

because the method means you need to be

more abstinent so what that means is

because the sperm is slower but lives

longer what he says is we know when you

ovulate you should start having sex from

the minute your period finishes for a

girl do it kind of every single day to

kind of lower the sperm count

essentially and then stop about four

days before you ovulate the theory being

that then within those four days all the

boys sperm there was really really quick

with looking around

no egg dyes when it comes the girls bomb

is there and you can see the baby girl

so that's just basically a very

unscientific summary of what the

shettles method book is telling you in

this bit they they do talk a lot about

how to tell when you're ovulating so I

bought like probably a lot of people do

the very expensive of relation tests I

was doing this kind of religiously and

in January basically just missed it

kidding didn't notice when I have this

surge because what you're looking for is

something called an LH surge which is

the hormone surge that happens and what

he's it's painting in his book is that

these aren't great and a much better way

of doing is by checking a special

temperature every morning and taking

your cervical mucus very month it when

you're trying to conceive and so that's

basically a more accurate way of really

pinpointing when you're ovulating what

are you saying with these tests is you

could do it in the morning it says

you're not but then

let's say 2:00 in the afternoon you do

it the next morning and you've missed it

and then you have an accident and you

can see the one you didn't want to or

yeah it's just not as accurate for you

so that is one top tip is to start early

like six months before you really want

to start trying to really get to know

your cycle and that's something I wish I

had done because we basically start in

January figured out kind of when I have

my period and when I think how every day

because I know some guy would say that

you feel yourself of you late

I don't and I've got really many long

cycles and irregular so he does say is

really really really difficult people in

my situation to conceive a girl because

it's just very hard to know and so these

are the real bare-bones theories there's

some other things if we're gonna have a

boy of course you do the opposite which

is you really go for it when you're no

your but ovulate he talks about no

caffeine for women when they're trying

to conceive a girl new orgasms women

because apparently it's kind of hostile

to the female sperm so yeah and sex

every day so my husband was kind of

quite happy about these options so there

are lays more bits and bobs to tips and

information but if you're mega mega

serious it can take a really long time

I was kind of like wanted to give it a

shot but I wasn't willing to kind of

wait two years and spend a lot of time

looking at myself comedians so I thought

I did the ovulation stick and I was

really lucky I got pregnant within two

months of trying so who knows

fingers crossed as I said I'm 14 weeks

now in a couple weeks I'm gonna do a

kind of gender prediction vlog and then

I will be revealing whether or not the

shettles method works for me at my 20

week scan which have been August but I'd

love to know what you guys think do you

think it's a bit odd to try to ski the

sex of your baby I've kind of I'm a

little bit kind of funny about it myself

but I think if it's something natural

like this then you know why not give it

a try if you've got you're sort of

you've got the opportunity to do that

has anyone tried it I'd love to know if

it's worked for anybody if it's been

successful for a girl or a boy and do

you share any top tips and stuff I've

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