Giving birth without an epidural - Newborn Russia (E9)




my name is Anastasia Aloha I'm 26

I've come here today on June 21st I'm 41

42 weeks pregnant and this is my first

time my contractions started in the

night I took a lot of them for a while I

wrote down the time and kept breathing

then I called the hospital and they told

me I should come in so I did longer it's

starting longer longer hold your back

hold it hold it good good good now take

a deep breath come on come on come on

come on come on slower slower slower

slower no no no breathe breathe don't

stop one more time breathe out breathe

out hold your back hold it well done


breathe out evenly and go to sleep okay

now go to sleep

relax relax I'll bring you some water

can you hear the heartbeat

you said the babies yes can you hear

it's steady and that means everything's

fine and you're breathing properly relax

because if you get nervous the baby gets

nervous too so don't worry relax

everything will be fine let's play first

and so long-awaited baby

I'm very emotional we tried to amuse the

baby in the womb but read fairy tales to

it we went to the swimming pool and

theaters we went on holiday to Sochi

Sochi it was so great

good girl come on come on come on come

on come on come on come on come on try

to relax

you're very tense well done there's your

mistake try to keep quiet because you're

losing a lot of energy are you thirsty

it's good clear water no I'll take it

away I'll drink a little go on it's good

water thank you my name is Liliana I'm

36 and this is my second baby and your

patient come here - word - in a little

while we'll tell you to breathe and

that's when you should start breathing

okay when the contractions start you'll

have to push three times when we tell

you I'll explain how you should do that

in a second but look at my eyes when I'm

talking to you okay I'll have a look the

contraction is starting breathe in and

out slowly breathe in and slowly out I

talk to solve you to whether c-section

would be needed I had a myomectomy which

left a small scar and my uterus but the

doctors eventually concluded to the

table to be able to give birth on my own

you didn't have this equipment before no

we didn't I've been an obstetrician for

25 years and equipment like this didn't

exist before we used to just use a

stethoscope to monitor the baby's

heartbeat this will be my second child

it's a boy I already have a daughter her

name is Serena she's 12

so the cervix is dilating we'll have to

break your waters manually it's nothing

to be afraid of they did that for my

first time too wall your membrane is

quite thick so the doctors will have to

do it every time I was admitted early

for my first trial and sit back there

and saw sinker did you feel anything no

so it's fine now look the contractions

will get stronger soon because you turn

to give birth is getting closer don't be

afraid Ludmilla will explain how you

should breathe

as for anaesthetic I wouldn't recommend

an epidural because of the scar inner

uterus an intravenous painkiller wold

okay though don't you have that or is

everything fine fine so far

is fine intravenous will be better you

tell me and I'll tell you learn

yes Ludmilla will tell me and we'll give

it to you okay

it's starting

legs wider legs wider wider wider

that's great that's really great great

good brilliant breathing again it's much

better now but still a little quick

don't hurry there's no rush

don't push now breathe out breathe out

this is the shortest night of the year

it might seem like the longest to you I

mean by the calendar but on the other

hand it could be the happiest night of

your life as well right okay relax come

down you're very nervous your heart is

beating too quickly you can't have that

No so calm down

yes I know it hurts but there's nothing

we can do

childbirth can be painless that's how

your mother and grandmother gave birth

that's how it is you won't remember any

of this tomorrow as soon as the baby is

born you'll forget everything you'll

just feel happy I want to fill the

process of giving birth to understand

what it is to become a real woman don't

lie on your side the court seems to be

looped around here around baby's neck

breathe out wait relax a contraction I

don't think so

I know better it's 13 here we go now

press your chin to chest and switch down

go on go on go on go on go on come on

come on come on come on come on come on

okay good good good good good good good

good good

breathe out and then quickly breathe in

and come on

come on come on come on come on come on

c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon

come on honest I see you got it right

one more time is that it focus now the

most important thing is that if a woman

believes that everything will be fine it

will be you see I'll try to behave

Giuliana I believe in you I've believed

in you since I first saw you so just

listen to me and everything will work

out fine okay what if I faint you know

you want not with me I think I find you

do I give birth the first time because I

remember coming around okay Elena don't

even think about that

just in case you should stay positive

and know just in case how are you doing

fine how are the contractions let her

walk will you walk or are you afraid I'm

scared don't be let her walk no no well

I can't lie down all the time it's

better to walk a little because when

you're active the process is much

quicker I'm a little scared because I

thought I would have a c-section but

everything has changed so quickly I'm

trying to adjust to the new

circumstances as we go breathe in

through your nose and exhale sugar push

yes down down breathe out down on the

down on the down it hurts so much

yes breathe out this is the baby coming

don't be afraid just don't be afraid

breathe out breathe out can I feel it

moving well done

breathe out longer longer longer well

done breathe out breathe out good good

that's great if you feel the urge to

push you should do it if you feel you

need to do you

know she know it's over it's over can

you relax Oh relax you can relax between

contractions the contractions stopped

now I have to look just find our

contraction you're a good girl

we don't have disobedient girls here

everyone does what they told you'd argue

with me 150 kilos of pure beauty who

could resist indeed beauty and charm

that's it my dear today is the day the

finish line for my pregnancy and at the

same time the starting point for a new

baby it's a funny feeling a new life a

whole new person is about to appear push

with your belly quickly don't wait quick

quick quick

okay okay okay okay okay harder harder

harder harder harder more more more MORE

good girl okay more more more again good


breathe out come on come on more more

and more and more my girl more come on

come on come on come on come on come on

come on come on come on come on come on

come down breathe out and breathe in

again and for a third time come on and

that's that's it

anastasiya come on come on come on come

on come on come on come on good good

good good good good good well done well


breathe out smoothly don't lift your

bottom honey don't do that darling give

me your hand I'll show you something

hello baby who's this a daughter I knew

exactly what was happening when the

obstetrician asked me to give her my

hand I did and she put it down there and

I could feel the baby's head and she

said just push a little harder and it

will come out and that was when I

realized it was about to come out it

was so eager to come into this world and

everything depended on me what will you

call your girl there's no my dear son

okay not gesture I'm sure your mother

has prepared lots of clothes for you

socks and lacy panties and polka dot

dresses I could feel that my

long-awaited baby would soon be out and

drawing her first breath bearing

children as a regular thing for a woman

to tell people only have one or two now

and what if there were ten

my grandmother had eight kids eight you

see for her giving birth was like going

to work it's natural so come down

there's nothing Supernatural about this

everything's fine

now you'll give birth to a girl and

maybe in a couple of years to a boy

relax relax and breathe don't be afraid

the baby is coming and I'm just watching

okay the cervix is fully dilated and the

baby is moving that's what's causing

your discomfort close your eyes you sure

or is it enough

it's enough the baby will come out this

time listen carefully please use no

hysterics okay I'll try please try I am

trying am I not you're listening well

and doing everything properly but when

the head moves down it may hurt a little

and you'll still have to keep listening

to me anywhere all right if I tell it to

push when there is no contraction you

have to push if I tell it to breathe

even when you are having a contraction

then you have to breathe okay okay just

so you know the head is coming out come

on come on come on honey come on come on

come on come on come on come on darling

more more one more stop

now look don't move that's like a dog

parents pants my dear pants pants honey

spent that okay now take a very deep

breath and push a little push stop well

done well done

wait that is the don't breathe 12:45

a.m. wait blow your nose wait don't make

so much noise wait wait my god what are

you so noisy

oh hello take your baby hold it under

the bottom hold it

here's your precious one thank you so


wait the labor isn't over yet not over

no my little girl is a girl right we'll

see right now it's just a baby you look

for yourself and tell us my little one

my dear now have a look look what do we

have here hey girl a girl modesta my

little girl let's go to the doctor now

seeing your baby is the best anaesthetic

you can think of because it makes you

forget all about the pain you fill your

belly touching the baby's belly and it's

so small and blue the most beautiful

baby in the world it seems as though the

prettiest angel that ever was has come

into this world now hands on your chest


and all the credit goes to mom yes

indeed fair don't bend you should stay

in this position he was fine this time

it was fine in this position come on

come on come on it's down when the

contraction ends just breathe don't come

up on your arms I've shown you where to

keep them

don't forget elbows to the sides you're

listening up on your elbows and bending

your body head towards the navel come on

come on good good it's coming good good

well done well done good job it's coming

more and more more and more stronger

harder harder harder harder there it is

don't push up with the elbows good girl

go go go go go go go go push push at

your own pace

come on harder harder harder Donnelly in

a down well done help me I can't help me

we are in and we are helping you if you

bend it will take even longer breathe in

and push again

Yelena darling help me breathing and

push come on

take away your hand it hurts that's not

my hand that's your baby's head Elena

please listen to us

Elena it's the baby's head Ludmilla the

baby is going to come at this time

he'll come on come on Surenos you need

to lower your body please I'm telling

you this will be uncomfortable for you


don't leave your button and don't bend

leave some carefully listen carefully

well done good girl it's better now wait

for a contraction she's pushing randomly

Elena come around it hurts it hurts it

hurts because the baby's head has almost

come out come now if you don't listen it

will be worse Elena come down come down

listen to me the contraption will start

now this time the baby will come out you

have to take a breath and hold it and

then push do you hear what I'm saying

yes you understand what I have to do

repeat please take a breath and hold it

and then you will deliver and pushiest

and push yes an oyster explorer you want

to hear what I'm saying

Yanina we're asking you to lower your

bottom I'll only be a second alcohol to

the trician you landed here and the

whole don't sleep please listen to me

I'm listening

you didn't listen press your bottom onto

the bed okay

and when you push don't lift it okay

lower it okay relax

lower it pull your knees to your chest

and again take a deep breath and go on

come on push harder and longer harder

and longer longer long

girl longer longer as long as you can

good breathe out good good

breathe now you'll have to do as you're

told now come on take a deep breath and

hold it and push harder and longer come

on let's go harder harder longer longer

come on come on

good good good longer longer longer

breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe

breathe breathe and like a dog don't

push breathe breathe breathe breathe

breathe breathe breathe breathe good

good good

well done now push little push breathe

in and push come on

and breathe good breathe out okay

breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe

calmly breathe evenly breathe evenly

evenly hooray hold it under the bottom


yeah the hand on the back there you go


good thank you thank you oh my god

8:25 p.m. so that's it say loudly so the

whole world can hear what is it a boy do

you like him

it takes after you now the pediatrician

will examine him then you can take him

again a baby means a new stage in your

life I feel as though it is my second

breath Torre's if my second life has

just begun the horizon is clear in front

of you and it seems you can face up to

and achieve absolutely everything it's

great to have no belly at the last we

can see our legs we can jump on window

sills and the best thing is that we can

sleep in our stomachs yes indeed have

always loved sleeping on my stomach

obviously I couldn't do it while I was

pregnant but now but now I'll enjoy

myself as my friends always said this is

like a resort for us we're fed the baby

swaddled the belly button has been

looked after we're having a rest here

and what awaits us at home well only

time will tell so you're going home


yes I am like a girl I'll say until

tomorrow for his staying but Dad will

visit us today he has prepared

everything wash the child's clothes and

ironed and ironed down yes everything is

ready dad's buying ribbons blankets and

clothing everything I called him at 1:32

he wasn't sleeping he was worrying he

said I knew exactly when you were going

to call me I started crying then and he

cried on the phone too he said I'm so

glad I've become a father

Oh everyone's crying hello darling

let's go you look great thank you racist

Nadir's there she's so small oh my

little girl wash your hands first

beautiful just like her mother just as I

said beautiful

my husband's support can be

overestimated my mother a mother-in-law

and other relatives worry about me but

my husband gives me the best support so

I'm afraid to take her in my arms don't

be oh look here's yes two years are

funny like little mouse she's lovely

she's also velvety like a mouse can I

hold her of course

there you are careful whose little girl

is mine can that be she's yours she's

looking at me yeah she is tell me who is

it she's surprised it's your daddy

she'll stick her tongue out at you my

little nadezhda when my husband took the

baby in his arms he desperately wanted

to kiss her to stroke her to look at her

closely to see which one of us she takes

after she looked for his features and

mine to combine them and say yes this is

our baby this is our girl does it tickle

does it tickle

yes it tickles come on hold daddy's hand

oh she's holding tight she's creeping

gesture I couldn't wait to see you yes

we know we know I love you

good good my two princesses I have a

girl my daughter it takes after her


she's so beautiful so small so fair and

she didn't cry like anyone she'd start

crying but she didn't it felt great

dad's been waiting for you for nine

months can you imagine that he's read to

you and sang songs and some songs while

your mom's belly now sing songs to the

real yo let me take you

careful hold her in her head come on

under her head okay okay it's not mommy

it's daddy now we're mom and dad and we

have a daughter will care for her life

her raise her Luke after her give her

all our love

it's my sunshine my little one my sweet



everyone has their own pain threshold I

think their contractions don't hurt as

much as actually pushing the baby

why are you crying huh

don't shout you're not in the woods

you're not lost