When is My Cold Contagious?

cars are by far the most common reason

why people take sick days off of work

and school but when is it acceptable to

pull a sticky and stay at home

contrary to popular belief you're not

contagious from the very first sneeze of

your cold there is in fact a small

window of about two to three days at the

start of your cold where you are

contagious you may not even know you

have a cold during this contagious

period as symptoms only occur after two

to three days

so we're resigning to stay in bed with a

cold for fear of giving it to your


fear not you most likely will pose no

risk to them by the time you have the

sniffles you're contagious window will

most likely air past however if you are

feeling especially rough and it is

advised that you stay home rest and

plenty of fluids will have you right as

rain in no time