Credit Scores Isn't Going Up? This is Probably One of the Reasons Why!

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what's going on everyone CJ the credit

fixing here coming to you with another

video and as you can tell this person is

in you know the mid fours low five

hundreds let's take a look at this

profile so as you can tell the score

went down 12 points so let's check out

why so when you when you look at Credit

Karma it'll let you know the credit

changes so you can click on the credit

changes to see why something will happen

as you can tell this credit card

increased by thirty six dollars it's the

reason it's the reason for the point

drop so let's actually look at what

what's going on so as you can tell the

credit card usage is at 13%

but let's check some things up so they

get a thousand out of seventy seven

hundred but the issue is all these cards

nine to four percent ninety three

percent seventy seven percent forty

eight percent thirty four percent all

these cars are considered high credit

card utilization so this is the issue if

he was trying to get trade lives with

something like this if you get trade

lines of course your score would

increase but the

shoes when you go to apply for something

they are gonna see all of these accounts

and a high credit card utilization which

is very important that you try to get it

under 30% just like this right here

using less than 30% of your credit limit

it's generally recommended if you lower

your balances to 693 your utilization

rating will move up to the next level so

this is the problem high credit card

utilization you no matter what happens

you can remove all the stuff off your

credit report but if you got hard credit

card utilization your scores is really

not gonna go anywhere because it's

considered in the section of amount of

debt that's owed which makes up 30% of

your credit score so if this person got

them are all these on the 30% you know

they're probably like a hundred maybe

even 120 point increase just off paying

off these alone so you know it's

perfectly preferably better to keep them

under 10% just having under 30% is

considered good standings that's the

issue right now it's the high credit

card utilization so if you've gone

through credit repair and you wonder why

your score is not go up more more likely

than not it's because of this or you

don't have any credit history or

anything at all but this is very

important when you know you're trying to

build your profile I just want to put

that out there but this is 90 percent of

the reason why this personal score is

the way it is because of the high credit

card utilization even though the limits

are small you still need to calculate 30

percent of each card limit and that's

where you need to be it so you will

calculate 30 percent of 300 for your

credit card to be a good standing you

know it'll be that number same thing for

this for this for this for this so

hopefully you kind of get to just of

that if you

to credit repair or anything like that

and you know you got high credit card

utilization don't expect your scores to

generally have a high increase until you

start paying that stuff down that is

very important you know I mean you're

responsible for your own debt it's not

in collection there's the active you

know nobody can't pay that stuff down

for you but you so just want to put that

out there guys just want to knock this

video out the way and you know just show

you what I see when I look at stuff so

hopefully you got a better understanding

of how this works you know each

individual card needs to be under 30

percent it doesn't matter about your

overall usage it matters about each

individual card so if you was going for

trade lines you know this is this

person's you know primary accounts so

yeah you could get a used to push up the

score but if you go to apply for

something you will get denied because

they will see all of these accounts you

know passed that high credit card

utilization which will cause you to get

denied so it's very important you pay

that stuff down get it under 30 percent

preferably 10% so the less debt you have

the higher the increase you will have in

your score so with that being said guys

I am out of here and I'll see y'all in

the next video