I get a hardship withdrawal from your

Walmart 401k put up in a fixed amount

calm and login under my accounts or more

formal k plan on merrill on benefits

element that calm set your wal-mart land

account summary change the current

elections twitter contribution rates you

can manage your investments if you want

to make different investments or any

fund transfer if you can get her a 401 k

long wait no taxes and you get about

five years to pay it back you can do

what withdraw so today we're going to do

a Walmart for 1k what's wrong so all

you're doing is click on their account

summary and click the drawers click

withdraw with the withdrawals they list

you know exactly how much you are

allowed and for me

currently I am allowed eight hundred and

eighty one dollars out of the eighteen

hundred that I have the maximum always

wrong amount English oh my smoke with

all them out in the maximum horse show

come out they're both the same but

they're just letting you know the

basement vault is available in a maximum

number of withdrawals is unlimited so if

you want to take two hundred and then

two hundred more and two hundred more

okay so let's start the process start it

was wrong

now I'm gonna say if you do this you

will be tanked pretty heavily and will

not take away from our 401 K a couple

years ago allows about eight hundred

dollars on tax time came

seriously think about it and I spend all

that money and I was really looking

forward to tax season let's start with

wrong okay so with the Walmart 401 K

cash withdrawal request and a withdrawal

type is a horse it was wrong that's the

one that I was allowed there's a hard

shell processing fee of $15 the one what

means royal amount if i click

maximum let's see the withdrawal tax

rating after taxes I will get the amount

you will receive after deducting taxes

and fees is seven hundred and ninety

three dollars and seventy eight cents oh

and they even show you the details when

you click few details to see exactly how

they calculate the requested most 881

and the taxes and fees the federal tax

withheld is eighty eight dollars and

twenty cents and also during tax time it

will take away another eighty eight

dollars for my taxes so just think about

that and what about a hundred dollars

only for my taxes now let's say that

this amount was about eight thousand

eight hundred dollars

they are taking away from you so the

more it should request the more its

you're gonna have to pay so think about

that gonna be good right now to have

$8,000 and I'm taking away 800 a few

months from now but let's say you take

the 8,000 you just go spending it now

it's gone it doesn't exist anymore where

you gonna do it like what is your

strategy what is your plan if you are in

a dire emergency only if you're in the

dire emergency and you have just nothing

left there's no other option there's no

other way the road is starting you're

pretty much you just given up let this

be your last option okay I mean I okay

guys let's say I want to do 10,000 pound

cake so you can't do this entirely

because the borrowing amount cannot

exceed the maximum let's just say I had

a bill it was about four hundred dollars

before you do it the amount can

determine whether or not to do it and so

I'm always looking for I would say 300

400 500 500 let's see 500 calculating so

I would get about 450 after the taxes

and fees they will take away $50 tax

whatever fee is $50 and during tax isn't

gonna take in another $50 I mean that's

pretty much it's not bad you don't have

to pay back but if you think about it I

paid a loan there is a feel $45 and then

every extension is about $45 $30 so just

paying it two times and getting 500 450

you would have to probably put it up to

550 be able to 500 and it's all about

strategy and planning some people make

things appear to be just completely

horrible but I always look for something

positive in the bad situations so if

you're down and out and you need the

money and if you go with financing and

you just happen to be in a jam right now

and you actually have a strategy and

planned and this is perfect for you if

you aren't close enough to the 401k loan

it's a better product because you don't

have to pay these taxes you put a phone

we get loan with video at the end of

this video so that you can see how to

get a 401k loan and you can see the

results of what would happen what would

happen in the future if if you was to

take away from the form okay now it's up

to you just remember every day we make a

decision that affects the future the

future is so close yet seem so far every

day is a step towards the future but the

future is now

utilize it use it wisely prepare for

preparing today for the future for the

future is great be great today and

tomorrow and also if you need this money

use it wisely use it wisely do the right

thing you have to do the right thing if

you get this if you're getting this you

are in dire need of you and you're in

need of help if you're getting missed

and I hope that all this well did you

it's time to prepare for the future will

you be ready