Fertilization in flowering plants

to understand the process of

fertilization in flowering plants let us

first see all the floral parts thalamus

or receptacle provides the attachment

place for the different floral world's

sepals make the outermost wall they

protect the flower during the bud stage

petals are generally brightly colored to

attract insects for pollination anther

and filament make the male reproductive

part of the flower known as stamen

stigma style and ovary make the female

reproductive part called the pistil in

the ovary are ovules in an ovule is an

embryo sac and in the embryo sac is an

egg during pollination the pollen grain

comes to lie on the stigma the pollen

grain has two layers the outer layer is

known as exam and it is made up of a

substance called spore Oppo linen the

inner layer is thin and is known as in

time at some places zine is thin these

areas are known as germ pores through

which will emerge the pollen tube pollen

grain has two cells the smaller cell is

known as generative cell which will

divide to form two male gametes the

larger cell is known as the tube cell

which will give rise to the pollen tube

the embryo sac has three cells towards

Chalisa these cells are known as anti

portals there are two nuclei in the

middle called the polar nuclei three

cells are towards the micropyle the

middle larger cell is known as the egg

to smaller cells are called the sinner

Jets the egg and the two standards would

form the egg apparatus the pollen tube

emerges from the germ pore the haploid


of cell divides to form two male gametes

the pollen tube enters the embryo sac

through the micropyle it enters through

the degenerating synergic or between the

egg and the sinner jet the first male

gamete fuses with the egg to form a

diploid zygote this process is known as

fertilization the second male gamete

fuses with two polar nuclei to form a

triploid endosperm nucleus which will

change into endosperm cell the fusion of

three nuclei is known as triple fusion

endosperm will divide later on to form

nutritive tissue which will provide

nourishment to the developing embryo the

process of fertilization and triple

fusion together is called double