Half zebra, half horse - it's a zorse

it's got the head of a zebra and some

zebra light with stripes but the latest

addition to a German Safari Park isn't a


it's a zorse meter Kleiza the offspring

of a female zebra and a male horse but

even in the world of cross breeds a

cleazor is unusual sources or zebb roads

as they're also known and normally

produced when a zebra stallion mates

with the horse mare and sources are

usually stripy all over a Kleiza

who's just over a year old was born in

Italy but is now settling into her new

home in a German safari park but vet

Hina for baller says a cleazor will

never be accepted by the Zebras in the

park so they're looking for a male pony

to share a Kleiza stall she's old on

she'll get a boyfriend as we hope it

might be possible to crossbreed again

but also so she doesn't have to stand

here alone but it's unlikely ELISA will

produce some baby sources as Zeb broads

like other cross breeds such as mules

are usually sterile