How To Unzip A Compressed File Folder


hello well um I get a lot of questions

about how to unzip compressed files so

as I often send out quite a lot of my

files in a compressed format I thought

I'd do this quick video on how to unzip

or uncompress file folders I hope you

enjoy it and I hope it helps there's two

ways of identifying a compressed folder

or a zipped folder one is that the icon

will have a zip on it and you'll see the

difference when we've completed this

extraction process the other way is to

look at the file type so if you've got a

detailed view in your file folder

settings you can see there it says

compressed a zipped file so you want to

extract all of the information from that

folder that's very very simple right

click on the icon and you'll see a new

menu come up click on extract all in

some computers it might say unzip

they're essentially the same thing once

you click on that you'll get a dialog

box which will ask you where you would

like to save the unzipped folder just

choose whatever you want it to be it can

even be the same folder that you're in

right now you also have another option

you can choose to go straight to the

extracted files or you can leave it

unchecked and you will then see both

files side-by-side so that's what I've

done and I just click on extract and

there you can see side-by-side

there's your unzipped folder and then to

the left you can see your zipped folder

now you can delete the unzipped folder

if you want for going forward but either

way you've got what you wanted which was

to unzip and uncompress that information

so you're now ready to use the files in

that folder