Pages From Our Journals | A Printable Zine | January

pages from our journals is a new Zenith

created for 2018

it's a zine issued monthly and digitally

so there's no limit to who can have one

every month the zine will have a new

focused topic with relevant prompts and

journaling inspiration in every issue

who received one cover image one content

page in both of these blank tubes

digital paper


occasionally there will be additional

pages for example the January issue

includes an extra page that is a vision

board I found for myself the pages are

given a separate full page files so it's

up to you if you would like to assemble

them into individual issues or adhere

them all together to create one big book

by the end of the year all you have to

do is take the blank sides of the pages

together in the correct order the zine

is designed this way to give you options

on how to use it as well as allowing a

growing room to add additional pages

from month to month if need be

you can also print it as many times as

you like which means you can get

creative with extra copies maybe by

cutting them up and putting them into

your journals or printing them in

smaller sizes

in addition to the zine pages every

issue will also include a set of

printable images these will include

exclusive vintage linens and a variety

of vintage ephemera you can use them in

your journals however you like

though the pages have been designed to

eventually add up to one full

inspiration book you do not have to

collect every issue nor do you have to

use them during the month they'll be

released as all the content can be used

at any time and every issue stay

available after its release


I'm excited about this scene because I

feel like it can become something we can

all contribute to so if you have any

ideas or things you like shared in the

zine let me know we use the hashtag

pages from our journals for a chance to

be featured you can share your own

journal pages creative projects or

spaces inspirational people or any other

topics you might like shared within the

journaling community I'd love to hear

your ideas