Laser Diode Manufacturing @ CEO Laser

cutting-edge optronics has over two

decades of experience with semiconductor

device manufacturing our team of

experienced technicians engineers and

scientists work side by side to produce

products and services such as epitaxial

structure design laser bar design wafer

processing bar fabrication and laser

diode array packaging with optional

micro lensing services what you'll find

out that we are very versatile on what

we're able to do in this building we

have capabilities for wafer processing

bar fabrication packaging and micro

lensing we can design any epitaxial

structure IR range or longer and have a

grown by one of our qualified sources

cutting edge of Tronics is also

experienced in providing device design

packaging and our optic solutions for

laser diode products we have options to

efficiently provide the customer

cost-effective solution for their

application we continuously improve our

laser bar power capability through

advancements in epitaxial and Bar design

and we are always developing

improvements to our bar fabrication and

packaging process our qualified

epitaxial suppliers coupled with our

processing and test capabilities allow

our team of experienced engineers

scientists and technicians to

continuously conduct experiments in a

rapid fashion cutting edge Optronics is

doing extreme high-power laser diets

which puts this epitaxy material system

to the extreme edge of performance

we manufacture state-of-the-art material

always in the surrounding of reliability

and manufacturability our laser diodes

are offered on over 300 types of

conductive ly cooled water cooled and

microchannel cooled packages in CW and q

CW operating modes our team of

experienced packaging technicians and

engineers have designed and produced

high-volume laser diode packages for

commercial industrial medical and

military aerospace markets we have

developed over thousands different

varieties of laser diodes what was

really neat about it is though that we

start off with a small building block

mentality and we build off that through

every product that we that we develop

through our extensive laser diode

packaging experiences we have developed

significant capabilities in micro

lensing of laser diode packages CEO can

collimate laser diode packaging output

for a given set of application

requirements to achieve high levels of

collimation and pointing cutting edge

has been lensing diode packages for

better part of two decades now we've

been doing it for a really long time

we've found methods and procedures that

allow us to reach collimation levels

that are difficult to obtain by anybody

we have experienced from collimating

large stacks stacks that are 64 bars

getting all those laser at our bars

pointed in the same direction is a

difficult task by using custom setups

and arrangements of equipment we can get

the level of precision that we need the

most important objective for for

completing a job is to ensure that we

deliver a high quality product that

exceeds our customers expectations we

work closely with each customer to

understand their specific needs in order

to develop the right laser diode

solution put our experience to work for