A child's guide to hospital: Dental X-ray

Hi my name is Matteo and I'm here at the Royal  Children's Hospital to have some dental X-rays.  

This means I'll have photos taken of my teeth  and jaw and another of the sides of my face.

After we check in at reception, Sharon, the  radiographer shows us into the X-ray room.

Sharon asks mum to wear a lead apron so  mum can stay with me while I'm having my  

X-ray. The lead apron blocks the camera  from taking photos of mum. The room has  

lots of different equipment in it but  we'll only be using this camera here. I  

think it kind of looks like an aeroplane  and the X-ray cameras are on its wings.

Sharon said that if she was having an X-ray  she would have to take off her earrings,  

her glasses and her hair clips. That's  because metal mucks up the photos. I'm  

not wearing any metal so I don't have to  take off anything. Sharon shows mum and  

I the mouthpiece that I'll need to bite onto  so the photos of my teeth will turn out well.

She puts a little blue cover over the top  of the mouthpiece so I know it is clean.  

Sharon then places the head supports around my  head. This reminds me to keep my head still.  

The camera is very close but it does not touch  me or hurt me. Sharon shines some red lines on  

my face. This helps Sharron find the center  of my face so I'm in the right position for  

the photos. Once this is done she turns the  lights off. The camera turns around while it  

takes my photo but it won't touch me at all.  I t makes a soft humming noise as it moves.  

My job is to stay still so the photos come out  clearly. I also need to bite down and hold my  

teeth together for the films. It only takes a  few seconds and I don't feel anything at all.

"All done. You can step out. Well done. Now how  easy with that!" Mum and I wait while Sharon gets  

ready to take the other X-rays of the sides of my  face. Sharon helps me get into the right position  

in the other camera. It looks like a funny hat.  Sharon put the three head measures around my  

head. Two stay by my ears and one lines up  with my nose. "What's really important for  

these ones is that you stay biting on your teeth  so that they're really close together". Sharon  

goes out of the room to take the next photo. The  camera moves close by but it does not touch me. I  

stay very still. It only takes a few seconds  and again I don't feel anything. That's it!  

The X-rays are finished. Mum takes off her lead  apron and we're ready to go home. Thanks Sharon.