A child's guide to hospital: Bone X-Ray

Hello my name is Sam. Four weeks ago I broke a  bone in my arm while playing at school. It has  

been in plaster since then. So now I am coming  to the Royal Children's Hospital to have an  

X-Ray photo to see how well the bone is mending.  A X-Ray is a photo of the inside of your body. Mum  

and I take the lift to the lower ground floor and  then find the Medical Imaging Department. We talk  

to the lady at the reception and she shows  us where to sit while I wait for my X-Ray.

Soon a radiographer called  Daniel calls out my name.

And we follow him into one of the X-Ray rooms.  A radiographer is a person who takes X-Ray  

photos. The room has a bed and a big camera that  hangs down from the ceiling. Daniel shows me the  

camera and how it moves up and down. It has a  button on the side that Daniel lets me push. I  

can see a little window of light shining  from the camera. "Let's get ready" says  

Daniel. Daniel puts a special board on the bed  and asks me to sit down near the bed. I need to  

rest my arm on the board and keep it really  still. Daniel positions the camera above my  

arm. I can see the little window lights shining  on my plaster. Daniel and Mum go to the doorway  

so that the X-Ray only takes my photo. I  can still see Mum standing there close by.

Daniel presses the button that makes  the X-Ray camera work. The photos all  

done. Now Daniel has an X-Ray photo of  my arm that he can send to my doctors.  

The X-Ray will show my doctor how well  my bone is mending. Time to go. See ya.