Xbox One's Xbox Live: 7 Reasons It's Better

we love xbox live on the Xbox 360 but

let's be honest it's showing its years

it doesn't even have a regular high

quality video series featuring charming

and good-looking hosts so time to gently

lead it to the retirement home tuck it

into an armchair and pop a complimentary

bus pass in its pocket from November

we'll be using the flash new Xbox Live

that comes bundled with Xbox one so what

exactly is it that makes this new Xbox

Live so great well join us disbeliever

as we run through the seven best things

about new Xbox Live something that was

apparently a decade-long hangover from

the original Xbox is finally fixed with

the arrival of Xbox one that's right you

can finally have more than a hundred

people on your friends list somebody

break out the bubbly four popular types

like you and us 100 friends simply isn't

enough the new friends list has no such

limitation allowing you to wrap up up to

a thousand chums with the bigger numbers

though Xbox one opts for a system a bit

more like Twitter you follow someone to

see their updates game videos and

activity and if they follow you back you

become full Xbox Live friends which is

good because it means I can make Mike

work really hard for that follow back I

want to be able to see my face in those


there's been plenty of talk about how

amazing the power of the cloud is but

not much talk yes about why it's so

amazing well we can tell you one feature

that definitely will benefit you from

day one thanks to the cloud on Xbox one

and that's dedicated servers dedicated

servers are going to be available to

game developers on Xbox one and a

fraction of the cost it would cost for

them to run them themselves weave out

all the marketing but this stands the

best chance of being the reason why say

Call of Duty ghosts multiplayer might

actually genuinely be best played on

Xbox one dedicated servers offer

noticeable advantages over the cod

experience you're used to that is less

lag no hosts advantage and fewer cheats

and exploits of course it also means

we're running out of excuses for why

we're so bloody awful at it right now

we're down to ya know butterfly flapped

its wings in China when you Xbox Live

your profile is liberated free like Free

Willy no longer trapped in the

restrictive aquarium of a single console

to be fair cloud saves on Xbox 360 with

the first movement in that direction but

on Xbox one your profile digitally

downloaded games and crucially all of

your game saves are completely

synchronized online what this means is

you can head around to your friend's

house sign in and pick up exactly where

you left off in your game of FIFA or

Forza and if you set up facial

recognition your friends connect will

log you in automatically no longer will

you have that moment of horror where you

realize that the USB drive where

commander shepard lives has just gone

through a full wash cycle

the release of Xbox 360 games on Xbox

360s games on demand has been somewhat

haphazard Grand Theft Auto 5 the most

popular game on the system has only just

recently landed on the marketplace with

Xbox one being built for the digital

future we all weren't quite ready for

you can at least guarantee that when

grand theft auto 6 arrives you won't

have to brave the scrum of a midnight

launch to get hold of it the very

instant it's available and there'll be

no danger of its selling out either now

we just need to work out which time zone

gets to midnight first so they did xbox

live in Samoa oh the amount of time we

have spent waiting around in game

lobbies the one guy who takes so long to

ready up you could hire a private

investigator find out where he lives and

go around his house yourself to press a

on his controller well no more for start

much as everyone complained about the TV

stuff for the Xbox one reveal it does

help that you can play other games or

watch TV while waiting for an online

match to begin the Xbox will maintain

your presence in the lobby while you do

other things and you can switch back as

the game launches also multiplayer

alerts or invitations will appear while

you're watching TV so if someone else is

looking for a game that isn't of Thrones

you'll know about it still can't shake

the feeling that it's somehow

contributing to our tension deficit is

so funny thing

allow us to introduce you to the party

Scout not that one kid who snuck a

bottle of white lightning past our Kayla

party Scouts is a new system whereby you

can set your Xbox one searching for

specific types of players there are load

of filters including age skill level

language spoken and DLC purchased and if

it doesn't find you an adversary

straight away you can leave it looking

while you do something else now we need

our filters for marital status

shortsightedness and tolerance of poor

personal hygiene and we might finally be

able to find me a date if you've got a

little brother who's intent on ruining

your win-loss ratio in fifa you'll

appreciate this one if you've got a gold

account on a console all the other

profiles on that console will be able to

play online - that means the giant brown

streak down the permanent record will be

on his profile rather than yours this

will work in unison with other features

designed to make the Xbox one a more

social console you can have up to six

separate people signed into profiles and

tracked by connect at any one time and

the Xbox one will be able to detect who

is playing based on who is holding your

controller of course your little brother

could print out a mask of your face and

that way continue to sabotage your

that's the mood element it'll just sorry

how this child here so voila there are

seven reasons why the new Xbox Live on

Xbox one is going to be much better than

the one we're currently lumbered with

which features are you looking forward

to let us know in the comments and like

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one now we need our filters for marital

status shortsightedness and tolerance

for poor personal hygiene and we might

be able to that's my date now yeah

that's how good it is