What are benzos including xanax bars like? How abusing anxiety meds can lead to benzo addiction fast

what's up guys the CG kid in this video

I'm gonna talk about what is xanax like

if you're new to my channel I'm a

recovering Pali addict with over four

years of sobriety that shares my

unbiased experience of various

substances along with my strength and

recovery and I hope that gives you guys

hope that sobriety is possible

so without further ado I'm gonna give

you an unbiased view on xanax or

benzodiazepines I say xanax because

that's what most people nomads are bars

but benzos is a broad class of drugs

there's volume which is diazepam there

was lorazepam which is a divan there's

clonazepam which is klonopin there's

alprazolam which is xanax the main

difference between these is the duration

of action of xanax lasts two hours the

other three mentioned they have a longer

duration of action that kind of varies

somewhat also some are more prone to

knock you on your ass

so klonopin is stronger than valium

typically but it's all dependent on dose

so you know to get into it with xanax

[ __ ] xanax and I never say that about

any drug I'm resentful at xanax an X now

if you don't let this turn you off if

you have severe generalized anxiety yeah

take xanax they can do wonders for your

life it could be incredibly medicinal if

taken as prescribed but [ __ ] xanax abuse

abusing xanax is extremely dangerous the

ld50 of xanax is really high but if you

mix it with any downer

you're dead and xanax lowers your

inhibitions to such an extreme it's not

uncommon for somebody under the

influence of xanax to not be thinking

clearly and take a couple shots alcohol

and that's the end of them also xanax

makes blackouts very common you can do

really dumb [ __ ] that can kill you you

can get in car accidents you can get in

fights you could stab somebody xanax is

extremely dangerous the physical

withdrawal from xanax is horrendous it's

so bad that you can die from it

xanax and alcohol are the two that can

kill you yeah xanax is extremely

dangerous it's extremely bad and it's

kind of like not really up there as far

as social stigma

like social stigma xanax isn't as bad as

heroin or meth but xanax is just as bad

you know just as bad and for some people

it's worse depending on their genetic

predisposition and I've known people

that didn't fall in the heroin or meth

addiction but quickly fell into xanax

addiction so I'll talk about the high

now that I've disclosed that with you

[ __ ] xanax the high of xanax the first

there was one day I was with my brother

and I was like yo Steve I want to try

xanax and he took me aside and he said

don't ever [ __ ] do that [ __ ] again I

mean I remember taking xanax but I did

not remember feeling anything I went to

bed thought it was bunk

apparently I blacked out and he had to

hide me from my mom and I was drooling

all over the place

repeating over and over again I love

xanax so that's how easy it is to black

out on the substance okay common

experience with xanax would have maybe

like 10 bars which is a lot of high dose

like 2 milligrams is a high dose if you

have no benzo tolerance you're gonna

black out most likely sound like 20

milligrams I wake up in the morning all

of it's gone what did I do I ate them

all xanax makes you eat them like

they're candy and that's because it

lowers your inhibitions and it's the

ultimate chill pill I would relate it to

alcohol but without any side effects so

there's no like dizziness or nausea

really so much so associated with xanax

there's no waviness it's more of a clean

just anxiety leaves you kind of like the

ultimate chill pill I mean if I were to

briefly describe it it's like having no

anxiety feeling waves of just pure

relaxation and like melting into the air

just like everything fades away and you

feel so relaxed

there's no dizziness and it's less

stimulating the alcohol it's more of a

depressant it's more of like a you know

lay in your comfort zone could fall

asleep really easy kind of thing so

that's the high is a knack so when you

feel that you know lower it in abyssion

and no anxiety your body or your mind

typically says I want more of this you

know I don't know what this is but I

want more of it and you start to eating

them like they're candy because there's

no inhibition stopping you from eating

it's shitload

xanax and you wake up and you hear about

the dumb [ __ ] you did the night before

and wires annex is gone you ate it all

what did you do you know for instance I

showed up to work I fell on the ground

collapsed I was on ativan and then I

walked into the cafe and I was throwing

pizzas and throwing like hot dogs at the

cafe at Sam's Club all over the place I

was throwing up and the manager tried to

send me home and I was arguing with her

saying oh you sure I'm just sick

mumbling barely able to talk and then I

drove home and I don't know this I was

told this you know that's the thing with

xanax it's the same as my brother saying

I was driving to cc's and I started

driving on the sidewalk I don't know

this I was told this and I never drove

under the influence outside of

methamphetamine because I was on meth a

lot and sometimes I had to drive but I

drove under the influence of xanax so

when I blacked out all the inhibitions

left me and I would drive I never drove

on alcohol never drove on heroin or any

other substance but on xanax that

whatever belief system that kept me from

doing that just went out the window and

in a blackout and I didn't even remember

doing it

I never been physically dependent on

xanax but our heart goes out to people

who are or who have been because xanax

withdrawal is one of the gnarliest I was

in rehab with the guy who's detoxing off

of xanax and they had to load him with

so many drugs he couldn't speak barely

he couldn't move like when we did like

the Lord's Prayer at the end of meetings

we had to pick him up and hold them up

physically I mean he was just gone out

of there and you know people will be

shaking with anxiety severe

psychological withdrawal panic attacks

seizures they can die it's like one of

the gnarliest withdrawals if not the

gnarliest withdrawal is you can go

through psychologically and you know my

heart goes out to people that go through

xanax addiction because there's a thing

called rebound anxiety so essentially

after the acute withdrawal which causes

panic attacks anxiety attacks horrific

can't sleep nightmares terrors after

that you get rebound anxiety so you're

convinced you have an anxiety disorder

for a long period of time

it's kind of like the what must what

goes up must come down

since xanax takes away your brain's

ability to reduce anxiety without xanax

you've kind of robbed your brains

natural capability and it takes your

brain a while the here phille peel from

that post acute withdrawal syndrome can

last six to nine months sometimes longer

so during this phase a lot of people

think they have anxiety problems and

that will cause them to regress back in

a xanax addiction they'll go to a doctor

they'll say I need xanax because I have

anxiety problems and they'll get xanax

again so it's very hard to get out of

it's also very easy to fall into xanax

addiction and I cannot emphasize that

enough you know why because people that

fall into xanax addiction one is cheap

it's very accessible you know it's a

prescribed medication it's more socially

acceptable than heroin or meth which

even though it's just as bad and also it

takes away your inhibitions see my going

to xanax saying I'm not going to get

addicted well that's your inhibition

saying that and now your inhibitions are

gone and you're taking pills begin to

lower your inhibitions when your

inhibitions are gone you aren't going to

make the same decisions you made going

into the experience so you might go into

it saying I'm not going to get addicted

and then your inhibitions get lowered

and you're like what's a two-day binge

and you know people also will black out

into an addicted state they called them

they call them bar tardes I feel like

that's like you know wrong you know kind

of like an insulting thing to call them

but there's essentially people that will

take so much xanax they'll forget

periods of their life they'll forget

months of their life so they're not

themselves they they don't even remember

being addicted to the substance

sometimes and that's why is an axis


addictive and xanax abuse is a [ __ ]

bad idea stay the [ __ ] away from it

that's my advice for you and you know my

channel you know I'm unbiased and you

know it's very rare for me to be that

forward about something but xanax and

benzodiazepine abuse is a no-go don't do

it it's just a bad idea you know don't

I'm not naive I'm not gonna say that you

know kids aren't gonna do drugs you guys

aren't gonna do drugs but if you're

thinking about doing xanax just smoke

some wee

okay like if you're gonna do drugs just

don't do certain ones and that's one of

the ones that would label on the

blacklist of not worth it to me honestly

it wasn't really that fun which is why I

never got physically addicted because

for me it was more III called it or over

glorified sleeping pill at low doses in

other words all I wanted to do is go to

bed and just felt really relaxed and

wanted to sleep or a blackout it was

like one of the two and there were times

I did get high on it not understood why

people like this and I really liked it

but for the most part it was either you

know not enough or way too much and

that's kind of how this annex was so it

wasn't really that fun to me and it

wasn't really that good of a high but I

could easily see how people get addicted

to it and I work with people who have

been addicted to xanax so my numbers in

the description if you struggle with any

addiction feel free to reach out to me I

know we like to think that these

substances are different from each other

but really they're all solutions to the

same problem in other words the the

drugs are a solution to a problem that

we had before we started using and a

meth addict like me can relate to an

alcoholic can relate to a xanax addict

because we all typically have the same

problems that cause us to go into

addiction so feel free to text me a

comment I love your input in the

comments with your experience and uh you

know kind of share with each other I

love seeing the community that's

building in the comments are you guys

supporting each other in your recoveries

and sharing your experiences with each

other but yeah that's my video on xanax

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