What is a Computer Worm and How Does it Work?

when a worm infects a new system its

first move is to begin seeking more

systems to infect usually by exploring

the infected system and its network

connections a worm usually uses ordinary

networking protocols to explore its

local network and spread once it

discovers potential victim systems

vulnerable systems systems running older

unpatched software that is vulnerable to

the attack will likely be infected not

all systems will be vulnerable some

worms our operating system dependent and

will only infect Windows or Apple or

Linux systems worms may also be thwarted

when attempting to infect systems that

are running up-to-date fully patched

software the worm will continue to

attempt to spread when an infected

system is connected to more than one

network or when that system connects to

a new network further spreading the

infection once connected to another

network the process begins again a worm

can quickly spread to many systems

across many different networks

especially if it exploits

a widespread vulnerability once a worm

is detected it must be removed and in

the worst case the system may need to be

reimaged it's much better to avoid

infection in the first place by staying

up-to-date with system software and

patches disabling unneeded Network

protocols and effective cyber security

system hygiene