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today this is Marty we're from WWI turd

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discussing about worm farms and this is

a part of the worm farm series if you

haven't seen all about the home

gardening and small space garden worm

farm videos and you want to check it out

on Martin's garden on YouTube and if

you're looking at this image this is an

image from Happy House & Garden Calm

that one of my members has put up and

he's made a great whole set of articles

about home worm farming which has about

25 units or any so it's almost like a a

quite a large website in its own just on

home worm farming you can see here this

is a graphic of what they call a

three-tier system and it's something

similar to do one of the worm farms that

I have on my patio now you can see at

the top here that it has so three

systems you've got your cover your holes

for air bedding material

it says the active area for garbage and

worms the storage bin and tap forty

which is optional it's also an arrow to

the bedding here now I have mine just a

little bit different I have mine so the

third is in the top area and the bedding

is down in this bottom area here so they

come down here in the bottom area at

night and then they actually come up in

here and feed through the day and maybe

at the night sometimes and the worms he

collects down the bottom but you know

it's a pretty similar system and there's

not a lot of difference really this

system is really designed to be flooded

you know twice a week maybe three times

a week and then collect the tea down

below otherwise it's not much point

you're better off just doing your dry

worm farm unless you know you're just

starting off really in the very

beginning and you're not

about how much water you should be

putting in there now that pictures one

thing they haven't put down the bottom

here is a bucket because it if you said

it it just drips out slightly and you

can collect

um castings now the different types of

betting that you want to use in your web

being could be I like to use the

mushroom compost organic mushroom

compost also I have used overtime pits

and you can use coconut fiber as well oh

just like hot garden composter it hasn't

fully broken down yet it's just in that

half broken down right from the compost


now the you need to have some type of

bedding material over the top you can

buy the worm farm mats or you can just

put really thick layers of newspaper it

doesn't let as much air in but it still

works pretty good and they seem to like

it and it keeps it nice and moist and

cool the idea is to keep the worm farm

as cool as possible and not get over 24

degrees for the tiger ones that I use

other worms have different temperatures

that I'm not sure what that is you know

Fahrenheit but you know it's about the

temperature that we like to live in you

can walk around in shorts and t-shirts

and feel pretty comfortable not hot not

cold the second layer where I actually

put my bedding in so this shows that has

the compost and the castings falling

through you know like I do use what I

just mentioned before and then it drips

down into here and I collect my tea

every day so these all sit on top of

each other so there's little blocks

there so the air can flow through it's

really important that the worms get air

you know they're they're creatures just

like you and I and they need to breathe

oxygen and you don't want to have your

bedding material that's too compacted

because then they can't move around

through there that some of that you know

you've got to chop up the food really

fine so they can eat it

you know I've got to be lazy for a while

and throwing big pieces in and you find

that when you go to collect your worm

castings there's big chunks of compost

still through it because I haven't

consumed it all so he cut it up as small

as possible even but I'll appeal so I

chop up now but diseases you know if I'm

throwing an old lettuce I'll chop it up

a bit too any of y'all veggies just to

give them an extra hand because they've

got small mouths and that's pretty much

it don't feed them any more than you can

see the food being consumed so one good

way to test is to throw on some uncooked

rice and then just see how quickly they

go through that and then you know test

that watch that grow on some lettuce and

stuff and just keep an eye on it and see

how quickly they're eating it and then

you'll get an idea of how much they're

consuming when you lift the mat back

you'll see them twisting all over each

other that means they're breeding and

their eggs look like little mini

fertilizer balls so there's people

yellow you mini fertilizer balls that

you get and your potting mix when you

buy those ones that's what they look

like the eggs so keep your eye out for

those they lay them on the top as well

underneath the the math that you'll put

there so the newspaper or the worm

format that you can buy from a lot of

different places yeah like with the

water you want to flood it through about

two or three times a day and real hot

days flat a few on an extra day and

that's pretty much it for you know this

is the worm farm this type of worm farm

kit there's lots of different ones

around but this is one of the ones that

I like it's great for collecting that

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