7 Early Signs A Relationship Won't Last


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now let's begin have you ever been in a


that you just knew wasn't going to work


were there some obvious red flags that

you simply chose to ignore

it can be hard to realize you wasted

your time on the wrong person

to fall head over heels in love with

them just to get your heart broken

but alas love can be tricky like that

wouldn't you like to know some of the

signs you should be looking out for

well here they are seven early warning

signs that a relationship

won't last one you're not open with each


for a relationship to work there needs

to be honesty trust and communication

between the both of you

so if you and your partner can't be open

with each other then it's definitely not

going to last

do you feel like you can't speak your

mind around them or like they aren't

really hearing you

do they act passive-aggressive and never

really say what they mean

or treat you with sarcasm or

dismissiveness problematic behaviors

like these can quickly lead to keeping


dishonesty and a lack of trust in one


number two you're not a priority to them

at the start of a relationship most

couples want to spend a lot of time

getting to know one another

and growing closer with each other but

if your partner is usually too busy for


even when you've just started dating

then that is definitely a red flag

do they take a long time to reply to

your texts or often reschedule the plans

you've made together

do they always have something else going

on that makes it hard for you to see


it can be easy to quickly excuse this

type of behavior but if your new partner

can't make the effort to spend time with

you and make you more of a priority

it means that they aren't putting as

much value into the relationship

as you are number three you run away

from fights

although it is hard to fight with the

person you love

conflict can actually be healthy in a

relationship why

because it shows that you're honest and

clear with one another about your


and how you work to resolve these

differences is telling of how likely

your relationship will stand the test of


but what happens if you and your partner

avoid the problem and never really talk

about it because you're both so averse

to conflict

if all you do is run away from your

fights without ever resolving them

then you will most likely end up

bottling up all of your negative

feelings towards each other

and grow to resent one another over time

number four

you can't control your emotions does

your partner have trouble keeping their

anger in check

do they have a bad habit of overreacting

to every little thing that goes wrong

navigating a serious relationship takes

a certain level of emotional maturity

dating someone who doesn't know how to

keep their emotions under control

can be exhausting because they tend to

be moody and temperamental

and you're left to deal with the fallout

number five you can't agree to disagree

another warning sign that things aren't

going to work out with a person

is if you can never agree to disagree

with them you argue about things

endlessly because both of you are too


and stubborn to ever back down and find

a compromise

you always have to have your way you

always have to prove you're right

and you can't take no for an answer and

while it may seem fun or exciting to

challenge each other at first

you'll quickly come to realize that

neither of you want to listen to each


and that you both lack the empathy to

see things from the other person's


number six you're attracted to other


do you feel attracted to other people

even when you're already in a


do you find yourself flirting and

crushing on someone that isn't your


other or maybe it's the other way around

you notice your partner making eyes at

someone else and getting suspiciously

close to them

while it is normal to feel attracted to

people even when you're already in a


it's not good to feel more attracted to

them than you are to your partner

this can indicate you aren't ready to

settle down and commit yet

or that you're trying to force your

feelings for someone you care about but

aren't attracted to

either way you and your partner deserve

better than to be with someone who

doesn't excite you

or can't keep your attention and number


they get jealous too easily does your

partner want you to spend time with them

and only them do they get angry with you

when you visit your friends

do you have to constantly text them to

let them know where you are and what

you're doing and who you're with

this is a bad warning sign don't buy

into the idea that you should be

flattered by their jealousy because it

shows how much they care about you

this kind of distrustful and overly

controlling behavior is

very toxic and it shows that they don't

respect your privacy or your boundaries

so have you experienced these types of

struggles in any of your relationships

has any of your relationships ended

because of one of these situations

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