Math Lessons : What Is a Word Equation?

what is a word equation hi I'm Jimmy

Chang I am a teaching college math for

nine years and when it comes to a word

equation we're basically talking about

using words to help you set up an

equation now if that sounds like awfully

like a like a word problem it actually

is you actually use words though to

largely set up an equation and when it

comes to doing word problems setting it

up is always going to be the hardest

part because doing it once you have the

equation it's pretty darn straight

forward so here's an example as to how

you would make a word equation and i'll

let you solve the rest so here we go for

example you have three less than twice a

number is 13 what is the number so first

off let's address the word problem in

pieces if you can tackle the word

problem piece by piece it's a lot less

overwhelming than if you were to tackle

the word problem as a whole oftentimes

when people read word problems as a

whole they tend to give give up too

quickly but if you look at it phrase by

phrase it's going to work out much

better for you so take a look at three

less than now it might be tempting to

write the less than symbol here but

three less than actually means that

there's going to be subtraction going on

that will always going to be the case so

three less than means minus three now

let's talk about the second phrase twice

a number now twice a number when you do

something twice you do something two

times again two times that sounds pretty

easy all of a sudden doesn't it two

times a number you just write it as

multiplication so it'd be two times let

n be the number 2n so now one side is

going to be 2 n minus 3 is is is always

going to be the equal sign always and of

course you now know what number is on

the other side which is 13 so what is

the number well it's your job now to

basically solve for it so if you want to

solve it together basically you want to

get in by itself solving it you have to

get rid of the three

add 3 to both sides so you now have two

n equal to the threes negative 3 and

positive 3 cancel 13 plus 3 is 16 and

then to solve for n divide both sides by

2 and you'll have n equal to 8 so I'm

Jimmy Chang and that's an example as to

how to solve a word equation