How a Winter Coat Should Fit | Men's Winter Fashion 2017

hello everybody matt from TDM style here

and welcome back today we're gonna be

talking about a wardrobe essential for

every man the winter coat and more

importantly how one should properly fit


so no matter where you live it's going

to get a little bit colder at some point

in the year and so you're going to need

a heavier coat to go with your outfits

you can stay warm now there are millions

of different types of coats out there

but the most important part about

finding a coat for yourself is making

sure that it fits you correctly when

you're in the market for a new coat

there are basically three main areas

that I like to look at to make sure that

it gives you just the right fit to keep

you looking sharp so for the purposes of

today's video I'm going to be

demonstrating on a wool overcoat that's

about knee length it's just one of my

favorite personal styles but you can

apply these measurement rules to any

coat that you find the most common issue

that I tend to run into when I'm looking

for a coat is how they are sized more

often than not you find coats that are

sized like small medium large rather

than say how a men's suit would be size

where you get a chest measurement a

sleeve measurement and a waist

measurement now if you are in the market

for a really nice wool or cashmere

overcoat you certainly can go to a men's

shop and they will have them sized there

according to a suit sizes so it will be

easier to find your measurements there

but more commonly coats are sized

generically so when you're shopping the

first thing that you want to look at are

the shoulders so when you're looking at

the shoulder seams of a coat similarly

to like sweaters and shirts and suit

jackets you want to make sure that this

seam basically lines up right to where

your shoulder is about to round off to

your arm if your shoulder seam goes past

this point the coat is just going to

look too big more than likely the

sleeves are gonna be too long and it's

just gonna look sloppy

once the shoulders of your coat are

looking good the next thing you want to

check are the sleeves the sleeves of a

coat are a delicate balance you don't

want them to be quite as short as you

would go for when you're looking for a

suit jacket or a blazer where you're

going to be showing a little bit of the

cuff underneath but

also don't want them to be too long and

like coming down over your knuckles or

anything like that so my rule of thumb

for an overcoat sleeve length is that

you want it to come down basically right

to the top of where your hand meets your

wrist anything shorter than that and

your wrist might be exposed a little bit

and if it's really cold outside you're

gonna be feeling that draft and anything

longer than that it's just gonna start

to look sloppy now a lot of times this

causes trouble for me because it's like

generally speaking I wear a medium and

that usually fits me very well in the

shoulders and chest area but mediums are

usually also accompanied by shorter

sleeves and I have longer arms so a lot

of the times I end up with a coat that

looks like this and that's not good so

the best advice that I can give you

there is to shop around and you will be

able to find brands and designers that

make sizes that fit you well in the

chest and the sleeves for instance the

coat that I'm showing you today is from

Banana Republic and that's just one of

my favorite stores for just generic like

casual smart casual clothes they're

really nice quality they're not super

expensive and while they fit slim in the

body they do generally have long enough

sleeves that it looks good for a person

like me with longer arms another thing

you can do if you're shopping online

usually you can find actual measurements

of the garment so you can take

measurements of yourself either off of

your body or off of a shirt or a jacket

that fits you well that you already own

and then you can check on the website

and you can see the actual measurements

and sleeve lengths and things and see if

it will work for you that brings us into

our third measurement which is the chest

or torso area of the coat now the

chances are if you found a coat that

fits you well in the shoulders and the

sleeves it's probably also fitting you

well in the body but that may not be the

case depending on the cut and the

manufacturer and all sorts of different

variables it may not fit you all and it

may look too big in the body so my

general rule of thumb is you want the

body of the coat to be snug enough so

that it's form-fitting but not so snug

that you can't fit like a sweater or

maybe if you're wearing a suit and tie

underneath you don't want to be

struggling to button your coat closed

but vice versa you don't want it to be

so big that you can

pull the coat way away from your body

while it's closed and have all this room

inside you can like fit another person

in there so if you have the option I

would suggest getting something like a

modern fit or a slim fit that's just

going to have that nice tapered cut that

gives you that sort of upside-down

triangle shape where it's brought at the

shoulders and comes in nice and

form-fitting right around the center of

your torso so if you've found a coat

that fits you well in those three areas

you are gonna be looking very sharp now

of course it is possible that you could

have a coat tailored so if you have a

coat that fits you well and the

shoulders and the sleeves but it's a

little bit too big in the body you could

of course bring that to a tailor or a

men's shop so that they can take that in

a little bit for you just be aware that

since it is a coat is a lot more

material it's generally heavier and

harder to work with it may be a little

bit on the pricey side so that does it

for this winter coat fitting video I

hope you guys found it informative and

helpful and I hope it helps you stay

warm this winter if you haven't yet

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