How Wine Is Made


bonnie is 40 acres which is 16 and 1/2

hectares we grow red wine grapes and

white wine grapes and we actually make

sparkling wine as well here but we

actually specialize in red wine so a lot

of this field behind us here is party to

Pinot Noir



pick the grapes we take them to the

winery we load them onto a sorting table

where we actually just look at the

grapes there's anything we don't want to

go through into the press we take them

out and then if it's white wine grapes

or great sorrows a they go straight

through into the press and then we press

them in the press with red wine it's a

little bit different with red wine we

actually crush and D stem we take the

great stems off of the grapes we don't

really want them in with the wine as

it's fermenting we get the color getting

the flavors and aromas and then once

that's done you of pump off all of the

juice that you've created and then you

take the grapes a left and just put them

very gently in the press just to get the

last bit of juice out of them


English spoke you want this become quite

well rapping nice now a lot of people

have heard of it and it's got a brand

name abroad as well but there is more

and more still being made and there's

definitely interest and we sell out we

sell out of every bottle still we make a