The Difference Between a Dry and Sweet Wine

you might wonder what's the difference

between a dry wine and a sweet wine and

how do we make dry wine and sweet wine

well there's it's not simple it's a

complex thing but basically the longer

the grape is ripening on the wine the

sweet it becomes that sweetness gets

transformed into alcohol

later in fermentation you then have some

varieties which we call it the late

harvest you might have seen those which

are harvested really really late in May

or even June they then have them in

alcohol to eight nine ten percent but

they're so sweet that not all the

children can turn into alcohol and you

have the residual of sweet wine desert

wine then that way dry is also it's

another some people have various tastes

for dry what strive to somebody is not

so dry for somebody else and what sweet

for some person might be dry for the

other person so we all have changes in

our on our palate our taste more

traditionally you will have Chardonnay

and serving your blonds dry and other

varieties invite themselves more to be

sweeter such as Riesling or semi or then

again you can have semi or dry the

confusion comes I'm sure for the

consumer when you stay when you go and

want to buy a wine it doesn't sometimes

say is it sweet or dry or medium or

whatever but often the back label will

tell you more information and it's it's

just the beauty of wine where everything

can be different from vintage to vintage

and in different countries this wine

styles also can change where in some

countries a Pinot Gris is bone-dry in

other countries it's more sweeter like

in Germany Germany makes Pinot Gris in a

sweeter style in general and it really

makes them more drier so that adds to

the complexity I think really of the

wine and you just have to try more wine

and find out what they taste like

often friends ask me how about wine

critics how important are they should I

listen to them can they influence the

wine consume a consumer and yes they do

and as wine companies we sometimes we

love them we hate them if we get good

reviews we're very happy with them if we

don't we are very sour with them but

they are they know wine then all wine

better than anybody else and they

experiment different wines from

different parts of the world and if you

have a Parker high rating in burgundy or

in Bordeaux your wine can double in

price if you have bad writing somewhere

other wines are not affected by writings

they simply sell because people are

confident they drink certain wine styles

and from a certain wine producer and

they don't care what writings they have

got they do their own writing but in

general they are a good bunch because

they're also leading they're critical

their positive critical and I always say

you should live up to what they

recommend or what they criticize and try

to better yourself try to better make

better line every year